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By road

Bekescsaba a 44-inch and 47-inch main meeting point of routes. The number of first-rate 44-year highway-Deer-Kecskemet, Bekescsaba Gyula border, while the 47-year-prime direction for proper connection. In addition, roads and other lower class sections are running into town and start from there. The two-digit highways are in good condition, except for 47-inch main road between Bekescsaba and Mezőbereny stage. Adequate quality of the road number 470 towards the peaceful course towards the box. Nuns also Access to the path of acceptable quality, but this is not already in the Szabadkígyós - Ketegyhaza towards the stage.

By rail

The 120 on the railway line passes through the city. The Budapest-Szolnok railway connection towards the good, the trains at 120 km / h speed of travel can be a daily flight 15 a pair, electrified, mainly double-track line. The Bekescsaba station renovation of the complex is the agenda. An even greater importance in the course of 160 km / h top speeds of the theorem, which is expected to be rolled down for 2 hours travel time from Budapest.  At the same time leading to phase Lőköshaza ketvaganyúsítjak, rebuilt, and will be even more frequent and faster trains to act fast.

Key places to visit
Bekes County Library and Knowledge House, Munkacsy Museum, Munkacsy Museum, Wenckheim Castle


Places to Visit

Bekes County Library and Knowledge House

Bekes County House of Knowledge and Library, just past the Bekes County Library is a multifunctional institution Bekescsaba downtown , but the primary library in the city and the county for. 1952 was established directly from the county equipment after, so Hungary was the first county library.Bekescsaba, the public library in the last 19th century until the second half stretch, then association is maintained in several libraries, including the city library is considered the predecessor of Bekescsaba Museum Association as well

Munkacsy Museum

The Munkacsy Museum county Bekes county museum in 1899 he founded the Museum of Bekescsaba Association. From the beginning, collecting a wide circles were formed. We continuously collect archaeological , natural history , paleontology , history, folklore , arts and fine arts museum objects, or even thousands of recent times already recorded 50 Photo Gallery have been developed. The childhood and young age of marriage in Bekescsaba Charger Munkacsy Hungarian painter, relics and images to accommodate pay great attention to.

Arpad Spa and Bath

The arpad Bath Spa and a Bekescsaba, spa, swimming pool, spa bath and beach. The county seat is one such facility that is open year round. In the 2003 's renovation has been six swimming pools, handicapped accessible, covered with large green areas. The beach is used for the practice many sporting opportunities.

Wenckheim Castle

The dove Wenckheim Castle Bekescsaba Gerl , a part of the city, which is the county seat located in the north-west.
Charles Wenckheim the 37-room mansion Ybl Nicholas had planned to 1860 to be made. The Second World War after it was elementary school, which in 1984 was moved to a new building, this building now stands empty since 1990.
The castle is an irregular "U" shaped, in large part a story, tile-roofed, romantic style of the west wing of the central axis of the chapel, which the Catholic Church belonged. 2003 in the Leonardo CAD Bt bought the chapel and the corresponding part of the building and renovated. The chapel remained intact original painting buildings and equipment of a fine example of contemporary sacred, though slightly faded colors. The furnishings intact condition. The corridors leading to the chapel foyer neglected condition. Moreover, the Palace also includes a palm house and a large English garden surrounding the castle as well.

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