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Bekes Megye
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By Air

Airports nearest to Bekes are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Oradea Airport (distanced approximately 65 km)
Arad Airport (distanced approximately 66 km)
Szolnok Airport (distanced approximately 79 km)
Debrecen Airport (distanced approximately 88 km)
Indian Springs Af Aux Airport (distanced approximately 91 km)

Key places to visit
Church of St. Nicholas, Reformed Church, Bekesi Gallery, Mini Railway Museum, Bekesi House


Places to Visit

Church of St. Nicholas

Greek and Armenian Orthodox believers built Orthodox church of St. Nicholas.Fine-scale buildings, five-axis inside the iconostasis was built.The pictures are first-rate works of masters, framing the Louis XIV style is natural leaf-flower wreath made from.

Reformed Church

Monument Reformed Church Copfstilusu the building its present form in 1905 he was awarded.In 1732 a small brick church was built in constant expansion, resulted into the present-day appearance.Organ of the country's second largest organ in the Reformed Church.

Bekesi Gallery

Built in 1885 the Hungarian Royal Hotel - better known as the Housing Wage - in which the City Library and Gallery housed.Wall plaque proclaims that the II.After World War II in 1949, the building first opened in the rural community home.

Mini Railway Museum

The steam engine was the number of career 377.269 Distillery gozszolgaltatoja the 90s.The locomotive, two cars, a nice stopping point consists of the park.

Bekesi House

Durko Street Street view of townscape importance no. 8 the space under the house of the host country house, in which the collected memories of the peasant economy, material culture typical of fixtures, instruments can be seen.

Right Time to Visit

November - February