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By air

The nearest airport is Jacinto Lara International Airport.Connecting from Caracas

By Bus

Barquisimeto has a good system of buses that connect to Caracas.
The Transbarca Trolleybus System, is the new mass transport system of the city, it is planned to mobilize an average of 170,000 people by day, with 80 electrical units, crosses 30 km (18,6 miles) of exclusive route, in the Metropolitan Area of the city, and will also include an express route of 22 km (13,64 miles) and one commercial route of 8 km (4,96 miles).

Key places to visit
Barquisimeto Museum, The obelisk, Barquisimeto Athenaeum, The Divina Pastora, Juares Theater


Places to Visit

Barquisimeto Museum

This structure dates from 1579, when it was the site of the “San Lazaro” Hospital. Later in 1877, it was reconstructed as "La Caridad" Hospital. Finally, in 1939, the Hospital was named "Antonio Maria Pineda" and moved to another location, leaving this building empty. Years later it became the site of the Barquisimeto Museum.

The obelisk

This is the symbol of Barquisimeto, created to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the city. Constructed in 1952 by the engineer Rafael Jose Raga, it is a concrete and steel structure of 75 meters of height, provided with an elevator. The elevator, however, has been out of use for years and the front entrance of the "Obelisk" (which is so in name only since it is flat on top) is used to store materials lying around the grounds surrounding.

Barquisimeto Athenaeum

On October 8, 1986, this Athenaeum was created by a group of cultural promoters, poets, writers, educators and sociocultural workers. This institute was created under the fundamental principle, for the rescue of the traditions and customs of the city, so that can be constituted a legacy for future generations, and thus to reinforce the culture of Barquisimeto.

The Divina Pastora

A statue of the Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus and a sheep, is one of the most important religious icons of Venezuela. It is the local representation of the Virgin and the patron saint of the city and of the Venezuelan National Militia

Juares Theater

This theater is located in the center of the city and was inaugurated in 1905 with the name of "Municipal Theater", and was reconstructed almost totally for the four hundred year anniversary of Barquisimeto. It has been witness to the growth and history of this population. It has hosted the works of a great number of artists of diverse sorts: dance, song, ballet and theater, among others. It has a special attraction for the tourists, due to its structure and the different cultural manifestations of the city and the country that are represented there. This theater was the first in Lara state.

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