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By Air

Bari International Airport (BRI) is situated approximately seven miles from the city centre and services flights mainly from national destinations or European cities. Italian airlines such as Volare Airlines, Alitalia and Air One fly every day to Rome, Milan and Venice. Air services from Eastern Europe are provided by: Albatros, Ada Air and Club Air. Direct flights to Bari on Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Lufthansa are available from Western European cities such as Brussels, Munich and London.

By Rail

From Baris railway station, trains frequently run to many destinations across the rest of Italy and to several European destinations. Bari is linked to all of the major Italian cities, such as Rome, Naples and Venice by several long distance railway services operating throughout the day and night. Sleeping coaches are available for overnight journeys. The duration of the voyage to Rome is approximately 4 hours 30 minutes. The main train station, Bari-Centrale (Central Station), is situated in the city centre.

By Bus

The local bus company, runs airport and train station shuttles is Tempesta Autoservizi. They also organise group tours as well as offering car hire. AMTAB operates several buses that pass the front of Central Station and throughout the town. Timetables for the buses are posted in the office on Piazza Moro, as well as a map that can be found in Tutto Citta, a local magazine. Airport buses run to downtown Bari every hour, on a 40 minute trip. Direct connections travelling from the airport to Central Station depart every 30 minutes. Frequent buses run to Italys main cities of Bologna, Rome, Naples and Milan.

By Car

If you are travelling from the southern cities of Brindisi and Lecce you should follow the E55. Take the E843 when approaching from Taranto and if you are travelling from Naples, Termoli, Pescar or Bologna, you should follow the A14.

By Ferry

One of the most important harbours in the area, Bari Ferry Port, offers services to Durres, Dubrovnik, Patras, Igoumenitsa and Kotor. Ferries arriving from the Greek port of Patras also arrive in Bari. Ferry operators include: Azzurraline, Blue Star Ferries and Superfast Ferries.

Key places to visit
San Nicola, Trani - Cathedral, Lungomare Nazario Sauro, Piazza Garibaldi


Places to Visit

San Nicola

A little way north of the cathedral in Bari is the church of San Nicola, a large pilgrimage church begun in 1087 but not completed until 1197, which is one of the finest achievements of Romanesque architecture in Apulia. Inside, above the high altar, is a tabernacle (12th century) and to the right of the altar is a "Madonna with Saints" by Vivarini (1476). In the apse is the tomb (1593) of Bona Sforza, wife of King Sigismund II of Poland and last duchess of Bari (d. 1558) and a marble bishop's throne. The crypt with 26 different columns contains a silver altar (1684) underneath which is a vault containing the remains of the popular Saint Nicholas of Bari (c. 350), patron of seamen, prisoners, pupils and children

Trani - Cathedral

To the northwest of the harbor in Trani, by the sea, stands the cathedral (1150-1250), one of the finest Romanesque churches in Apulia, which shows Norman influences. It has a Romanesque west doorway (13th century carvings) and beautiful bronze doors (c. 1180) by the bronze founder Barisano da Trani. The 32 sections are decorated with figures of Christ, the Virgin, Apostles and Saints. The campanile (reconstructed) is almost detached from the nave. The impressive interior of the cathedral, the only example of an Apulian church with double columns, was restored to its original Romanesque form in 1952-55. From the side aisles there is access to the Crypt of St Nicholas the Pilgrim (d. 1094), begun about 1100 and decorated with fine capitals
The lower church, the Chiesa dei Santa Maria della Scala (seventh century), a rectangular space with an ambulatory, contains the Crypt of St Leucius (c. 670) under the transept. St Leucius was the first bishop of Brindisi

 Lungomare Nazario Sauro

The east end of the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II is also the starting point of the Lungomare Nazario Sauro, a magnificent seafront promenade which runs along the old harbor.

Piazza Garibaldi

From the north side of the square the new town's principal traffic artery, Via Sparano, coming from the station, runs north past the modern church of San Ferdinando into the busy Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, which separates the new town from the old. 100m/110yd along the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II to the left is the Piazza Garibaldi, the traffic center of the town. On the right is the prefecture, on the left the Town Hall, which also houses the Teatro Piccinni. From the east end of the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II the Corso Cavour, lined with fine buildings, leads towards the station.

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