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Bacs-Kiskun Megye
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By Air

Airports nearest to Baja are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Ocseny Airport (distanced approximately 20 km)
Pecs Pogany Airport (distanced approximately 60 km)
Valparaiso Duke Field Airport (distanced approximately 72 km)
Osijek Airport (distanced approximately 81 km)
Taszar Usareur-F Airport (distanced approximately 84 km)

By Train

The city Kiskun To Last Bataszekkel connecting single track, villamosítatlan, No.154 -Bataszek Baja Kiskunhalas-rail line can be achieved.The Baja Regoce-railroad-Sombor and Baja-Bezdan Sombor-line removal of the Hungarian section of the 1968 transport policy concept ordered.The railway station and the Danube between agazott been out of the planned but never built Dunapataj-Baja-Kalocsa train line.The village used to be a direct line used to connect rings free, it was the Subotica-Baja railroad, which is now largely in the field of rail 154, the original track Bacsalmas Csikeriaig there, but now impassable.

By Bus

Baja LPT of the OrangeWays the 2010th January 1 years.The company is the first time in 2009 one in 2010 for 10 years, won the job of the city's tender for the incumbent Bacs Volan Zrt since of the 11 local bus and the train station in Train Garden bus station starts.

By Ferry

The National Public Port Baja Hungary is the second largest port in the Rhine-Main-Danube waterway system.The port on the left bank of the Danube, in 1479 +140 and 1480 +900 km river is located between.

By Road

Budapest from the 51's, Kecskemet, the 54-inch, Szeged and Bataszek hand, the 55 main road can be reached.The bridge over the Danube in 1909 was built.

Key places to visit
St. Peter and St. Paul's Church, Calvary Chapel, Franciscan church and monastery, Endre Ady Library, Jozsef Eotvos College


Places to Visit

St. Peter and St. Paul's Church

The City of St. Peter and St. Paul's Church is a Roman Catholic church in Baja historic downtown area of St. Emeric.The Turks were driven out after the Baja the first parish of the Franciscans, the parish was Illyrian.After the German army was due to a German parish, which - according to research Paul Flach - the 1708's Kuruc fighting victims: the church was demolished, the priest of the congregation fled.The new church in 1742, he began to build, the construction of the Archbishop of Kalocsa, the new landlord, Count Antal Grassalkovich supported in 1765 was consecrated.At 36 meters long and 15 meters wide, 19 century enlargement, 40.5 meters long and 19.75 meters wide was.The nave height of 18 meters.

Calvary Chapel

The Calvary Chapel is a chapel in Baja, the Calvary Street.Baja belongs to the parish of St. Stephen; Title of Our Lady of Sorrows of the Virgin in 1836 was built in classical style, probably designed by Jozsef Hild.The chapel on a hilltop is free.An earlier, in 1795 it built the chapel was built in 1836 in Mason John Benger (and architect) and carpenter Joseph Novak ("contractor") in Sombor architect Charles Gfeller and plans of management.7,300 forints of which 1,000 forints Keresztesi his colleague's widow donated.1928, 1970 and 1998 was renovated.

Franciscan church and monastery

The Baja is a Franciscan church and monastery in the 18th century was built in Baroque style.The Franciscan friars arrived after the Turkish conquest of the city.First, small paticsfalú church and monastery built by the Rakoczi war of independence burned down.The foundation stone of today's monastery in 1721 and was laid down in 1737 was completed in the building.The monastery is the church in the northern side of the join.The multiple transformations of the late Baroque style tickets only a few places, interior corridors of the vaults, the staircases, doors and openings in the courtyard each kikepzesein survived.The monastery was austere outer wall of the 20th Century.

Endre Ady Library

Baja's library got its name from the famous Hungarian poet, Endre Ady.The library's building used to be Baja's synagogue.The building was offered by the city's Jewish community.The Holocaust memorial stands in the synagogue's garden.The library has a very large collection of pre-18th century books.The "Ancient book" collection includes 4,352 volumes, and a lot more writings, because many of the volumes are collectives (for example, one of them contains 17 writings).The library has three incunabulums.

Jozsef Eotvos College

founded in 1870 in a higher education institution in Baja.The predecessor of the Faculty of Education, the National Teacher Training Institute in Baja, Baron Jozsef Eotvos law founded on a proposal from 1870.on October 17.1959th From September 7 (the changes in legal regulation), the former secondary teacher training in higher level instead of going on.1962 September 1 on the National Water Authority established the Advanced Water Management polytechnics, the current Faculty of Economics of Technology and its predecessor.Baja two higher education institutions in 1996 merged it will be created the first integrated college in the country.

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