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Bacolod City

Philippines (General)
Bacolod City
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By plane

Bacolod is located 45 minutes South of Manila by plane and 30 minutes west of Cebu. Commercial flights are available daily from Manila and Cebu. If flying to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila you will have to change planes for the 45 minute hop to Bacolod. You will land at the new Bacolod-Silay Airport(ICAO: BCD | IATA: RPVB)

By bus

Getting to Bacolod by bus from elsewhere in the province is smooth and easy as there is little chance of congestion on the roads. Arriving by bus from other provinces is also possible; you can use the so called RoRo which means Roll-on and Roll-off. Note: During Holy Week, Christmas and New Year, often buses are cramped, delayed and overloaded it's advisable to avoid traveling by bus during the Holy week and the Christmas season.

By taxi

   Taxis have fixed prices provided by the local government. Below listed are the prices which are for getting out of the airport.

By boat

Bacolod Seaport or Bredco Port serves inter-regional trips from major destinations such Manila and Iloilo. Iloilo seaport is just 45 minutes from Bacolod and is one of the easiest to access because every hour there's a trip.

Key places to visit
Fountain of Justice, Bacolod Public Plaza, San Sebastian Cathedral, Negros Museum, Buro-Buro and Bucal-bucal Springs, Sacred Heart Church and Seminary


Places to Visit

Fountain of Justice

     The Fountain of Justice is the site where Jose Luis de Luzzuriaga's residence used to stand, it was where the Spanish forces surrendered Bacolod to the Filipino forces. During the night it is illuminated by lights, it is the usual meeting place for protesters and rallies alike. Today the Fountain of Justice only often functions. Free as it is for public viewing.

Bacolod Public Plaza

    The plaza is like the Bacolod version of Central park but the smaller version, fountains are scattered around the plaza and a gazebo stands in the middle and they are actually the main attractions, just like other parks, trees are scattered around it. The last but not the least, the Unknown Soldiers Monument also known as Theodore Vinther Monument is found here. It is the common place where events like the MassKara festival is held as well as other activities such as Arnis(Filipino martial arts) and other martial arts practices usually happen, it is also a hub for joggers and people doing aerobics during the morning.

San Sebastian Cathedral

    The Centennial Bells and the Palacio Episcopal, Rizal Street. The Cathedral was first planned by Fr. Gonzaga whos started building it by collecting coral but died without completing it. It was then continued by the Government and the Priests and was completed in 1894. Now the coral-made Cathedral is covered by cement

Negros Museum

Negros Museum Located in the old agriculture building close to the capitol building. View artifacts related to the sugar industry that began as the the main industry of the province in the 1800s. It also houses an international doll collection. The building is close to a large park, locally referred to as the "lagoon" because of an artificial pool within the park.

Buro-Buro and Bucal-bucal Springs

   Located in the outskirts of Bacolod, Buro-Buro and Bucal-bucal springs which is popularly known as Bucal-Bucal which means boil however the water isn't hot but cool, they have an artificial swimming pool and a natural pool and some mini waterfalls nearby the artificial pool where you can get a natural massage from nature. Huts are available if you need them and the place is ideal for family barbecues, reunions, outings etc

Sacred Heart Church and Seminary
            Its magnificent architecture is obviously European inspired, its high ceilings and its tall antena like building might let you think you're inside a Gothic church but built with cement. Its interiors are much appreciated and from the outside might let you think it's a town church back in the United States in a remote town, even though it's a church it looks much like a cathedral, the church has mini chapels on the sides of the Cathedral which are in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary


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