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By Air

The nearest airport is Adnan Menderes International Airport (IATA: ADB, ICAO: LTBJ) is an airport serving Izmir and is named after former Turkish prime minister Adnan Menderes.It is located in the Gaziemir area of Izmir.The easiest way to get there from Izmir is by the Havas airport shuttle bus (every 20 minutes, 35 to 60 minutes) from the Turkish Airlines office.The new international terminal was opened in September 2006 and includes state-of-the-art squat toilets in the men and women's restrooms.

By Train

Trains travel between Izmir and Aydin several times daily, but they're slower than the buses.The train line south from Izmir (Basmane) to Adnan Menderes Airport, Selcuk (for Ephesus), Aydin and Nazilli has been modernized, electrified, and equipped with good train sets.

By Bus

There's intense bus traffic east and west along the Meander River valley, so it's pretty easy to pick one up at Aydin's otogar (bus terminal).

Key places to visit
Aydin Museum, Milet Museum, Karaca Cave, Bafa Lake Natural Park, Buyuk Menderes National Park, Alan Gullu Thermal Springs, Underground river


Places to Visit

Aydin Museum

is a museum established in one room of Zafer Primary School in 1959 and museum activities were conducted in this room for many years.These activities were transferred to the new museum after 1973.Aydin Archaeological and Ethnographical Museum had been the owner of rich collections with objects brought from Aydin and its provincial districts.The museum is located in a large garden. Stone carvings of various times coming from ancient cities of Aydin, such as Tralleis, Magnesia, Alinda, Alabanda, Nysa, Amyzon, Piginda, Harpasa, Myus, Pygela, Orthosia or Mastaura on exhibition in the garden. These objects include statues, tombs, columns and abacuses, altars, Islamic gravestones and milestones.Exhibition appears in three sections in the museum halls.

Milet Museum

located in the ancient city of Miletos, 40 km. from the Söke district of Aydin, was opened to public in 1973. It is designed to display the archeological findings from Millet in general.It consists of a hall with a pool and one large and one smaller hall which open up to this area.Mycenae ceramics dated back to XVth millenium B.C. and items from Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods are on display.

Karaca Cave

It is a passive cave.As the cave is passive, there is no rivers or creeks present inside the cave.But the waters dripping from the cracks helped the formation of various damlataş (drop - shaped precious stone) forms.There are also some travertine pools and a few small lakes present inside the cave.There is no significant air flow inside the cave.The moisture level of the cave atmosphere tends to increase relatively as proceeded t-inside the cave.

Bafa Lake Natural Park

The Bafa Lake Natural Park takes place within the borders of Soke District of Aydin Province in Aegean Region.The Bafa Lake is at the south-east of Great Menderes (Buyuk Menderes) Delta and 25 km far away from the Soke District.It is possible to reach to the park overland route.he Bafa Lake, which used to be a part of Aegean Sea, had turned to be a lake as result of geomorphologic development of Great Menderes Delta. Bafa Lake is one of the least spoiled watery areas at the shore, in Turkey.The maximum depth of the Bafa Lake reaches to 25 meters.The main water sources of the Bafa Lake are the water floods of Great Menderes (Buyuk Menderes) River and the underground waters coming from the mountains at the environment.The plant cover around lake consists of tamarisks, pine trees, and olive groves.The Bafa Lake shelters the ecosystem characteristics of Great Menderes delta. Because of that reason it provides a winter quarter and a place for reproduction for many bird species which are under the danger of vanishing.
The main bird species in the Bafa Lake Natural Park are pelican, dwarf cormorant and sea eagle. The Park provides a winter quarter for more than 300.000 different bird species.

Buyuk Menderes National Park

This park in the region of Kusadasi and Soke, in the province of Aydin.The park can be reached via the Kusadasi – Soke highway, and lies roughly in the middle of the two towns.The northern side of the park has plants rarely seen in the Mediterranean region.There are many bay and chestnut trees, and it is the only area where the Finike juniper and pirnal oaks are found together.Mediterranean seals and sea turtles are breeding on the shores of the lake.Guzelcamli village at the northeast edge of the national park and at the foot of Dilek mountain was used as the assembly place for the political and scientific centre of Ionia in the 9th and 8th centuries BC. It is possible to stay in the park in tents or caravans, and there is food available.

Alan Gullu Thermal Springs

At Bozkoy near Germencik, the springs have facilities which include an indoor thermal pool approved by the municipality and 32 rooms with 70 beds.In addition, there are modern treatment and accommodation facilities in what has become one of the biggest and most modern thermal springs in the area.

Underground river

The rich boat-shaped valley formed by the numerous springs of the Menderes Watershed which flows down to the Aegean from heights of up to 900 m. also has abundant underground water supplies.There are 262 villages with artesian wells in the province of Aydin.

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