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Russian Federation
Astrakhan Oblast
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By Air

The city is served by Narimanovo Airport.It is managed by OAO Aeroport Astrakhan.After its reconstruction and the building of the international sector - opened in February 2011 Narimanovo Airport is one of the most modern regional airports in Russia.There are direct flights from Astrakhan to and from Aktau, Baku, Yerevan and Moscow.

By Train

Astrakhan is linked by rail to the north - Volgograd, Moscow, east - Kazakhstan, Atyrau; south - Makhachkala, Baku.There are direct trains to Moscow, Volgograd, Saint Petersburg, Baku, Kiev, Brest and other towns.

By Trolley bus

Astrakhan trolleybus a system of trolley bus transport in Astrakhan.Operation is open November 5 1967.Since the opening of the model used ZiU-5.The latest of them decommissioned in 1991.Daily output is not more than 24 trolleys (May 2011).

Key places to visit
Astrakhan Music Theatre, Astrakhan Puppet Theatre, Astrakhan Kremlin, Astrakhan Drama Theatre, Astrakhan Architectural Museum, Astrakhan Art Gallery


Places to Visit

Astrakhan Music Theatre

one of the oldest theaters in the city of Astrakhan was founded in April 1899.The first building was constructed of wood, designed by architect A. Malakhovsky in 1899.On stage at various times were: Chaliapin, Sobinov, Nezhdanova, Savina.November 13, 1976 the wooden building of the theater burned down.May 4, 1996 Theatre opened in the new building.In the theater, put the following productions: "Rigoletto" and "La Traviata" by G. Verdi, "Boris Godunov" by Mussorgsky, "Tosca" by Puccini, "Gypsy" Klinicheva.The repertoire of the Ballet - "Egyptian Nights," "Les Sylphides", "Giselle", "Nutcracker".

Astrakhan Puppet Theatre

is a puppet theater in the city of Astrakhan, founded in 1986.Astrakhan State Puppet Theater was founded in December 1986.The first season opened in November 1987, the play "winners" based on AP Vysotsky.Headed Theatre Artistic Director, Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Fedorovich Dolgopolov.The first years of performances were held in the premises of Astrakhan garrison Officers.In 1992 the company moved into a renovated building.Over the years the puppet show staged over sixty productions for children and adults.

Astrakhan Kremlin

a fortress in Astrakhan, which was built there, which in 1558 was Ivan the Terrible captured moved them a city.Situated on an island surrounded by the waters of the Volga, Kutum and Erika Tsareva Cossack.On the highest hill of the island and is the Kremlin ( 1580 - 1,620; builders - Michael Velyaminov, thick-lipped Day) descends along the left bank of the Volga almost to the waterfront, with white stone walls, 4 and 3 deaf travel towers.The Kremlin bell tower is considered one of the symbols of the city of Astrakhan.Its silhouette is visible vosmidesyatimetrovy Astrakhan virtually anywhere in the city.It towers over the main gates for passage of the Kremlin, which, from the XVII century, Astrakhan bound citadel of the White City.Before we reached the gate a description of several structures that existed previously on this site.

Astrakhan Drama Theatre

is a drama theatre in the city of Astrakhan was founded in 1810.The official date of birth of professional theater is December 12, 1810.On this day belonged to the merchants Tokarev building specially adapted for the spectacle, the first performance.The organizer and first director of the theater was a retired lieutenant Andrei Gruzinov.During the first year of the theater was given 46 performances.The repertoire included plays Fonvizin, Beaumarchais, Moliere, Knyazhnin.From the earliest days of theater occupied a prominent place in the cultural and social life of the city.Even epidemics of smallpox and cholera in the 1830-1833 years when entering the city was limited did not affect the operation theater.Over the years, the first building of the theater to decay and become worthless.For new construction took Nikolai Plotnikov.In 1877 he declared the public management of its intention to build in Astrakhan at its own expense a stone winter theater.The author of the project was the city architect Folrad, and overseeing the construction carried out Makarov.

Astrakhan Architectural Museum

is one of the ancient provincial museums of the country."Regional Museum" was open according to the initiative of Astrakhan Governor Ivan Timiryazev on the 12-th of December, 1837 (old style).In the 60-th years of the 19-th century because of absence of means for keeping the Museum the part of the exhibits were handing for storage to other establishments.The new rise of Museum cause began in the 70-th years and was connected with creation and activity of the "Peter the Great Society of Explorers of Astrakhan Region".Enthusiasts of local lore rebirth the Museum and replenished its collection.In 1911 expositions of the Museum were placed in newly constructed building of City establishments (building of Administration of the region), in the right wing of which there is Museum of Local Lore up to this time. During many tens of years, Museum was center of local lore researchers, scientific and educational work.Today Museum-Reserve including 15 branches: 6 of them situated in the Astrakhan-city and 9 in the districts of the region.The fund collection of Museum-Reserve is numbered more than 300 000 units and has a great variety.These are natural-scientific, archeological, ethnography, numismatic collections and a lot of others.Besides the head Museum of Local Lore in which situated all museum fund-depository, fund section, scientific library, taxidermy laboratory there are more 5 museum branches for visitors in Astrakhan-city.They are: Museum of Culture of Astrakhan, Museum of History of City, Museum of Battle Glory, the only in the Volga-river region Museum of Medicine, and also unique historical and architectural museum complex "Astrakhan Kremlin".

Astrakhan Art Gallery

is the first Astrakhan art museum based by P.M. Dogadin who has donated his collection of paintings to his native town in 1918. Since 1924 the Gallery is situated in three-storied building, the former Plotnikov's Town Estate, the architectural monument of the 19-20 centuries.The Gallery's collection consist of more than 19,547 thousands storage units.At the Gallery exposition one can see iconography of 16-20 centuries, Russian painting, graphics, china and sculptures of 18, 19 and 20 centuries.The most significant exhibits are the pictures by Rokotov, Levitsky, Brullov, Venetsianov, Schedrin, Kuindzy, Levitan, Savrasov, Shishkin, Nesterov, Malevich, Kandinsky, Rerikh, Korovin and others.Foreign Art is presented by the collection of 17-20 centuries (almost 8000) among them the works by Ruben's Engraving Studio, the creations by Giovanni Piranesi, German lithography of Munich and Dresden schools and also the engravings from Napoleon's Library.The science library functionnates in the Art Gallery.

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