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By plane

By far the easiest way to get to Arequipa is by plane, landing in Rodríguez Ballon airport (IATA: AQP), 8km from the city. LanPeru , Aero Condor and Star Perú fly from Lima, Juliaca and Cuzco. A taxi from the airport to the Plaza de Armas costs a flat-rate of S/15. Signs are posted with this rate, but depending on the size of the car, the size of your bags and your bartering skills you could pay less.

By bus

There are two terminals serving the city, Terminal Terrestre and Terminal Terrapuerto. They're next to each other, about 3km from the center.... a taxi should cost around 3 soles.
Try to avoid cheap buses — the more you pay the higher the quality, service, and safety. Some of the more reputable companies are Cruz del Sur, Ormeño, Excluciva (full 180º beds with meals served, 130 Soles), Oltursa and Flores (a good budget option. Their station is located across the street from Terminal Terrestre.)

By train

Charter trains to Juliaca and Puno are only available for groups of 40 or more.

Key places to visit
Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa, Convento de Santa Catalina, Arequipa, Convento de Santa Teresa, Puente Fierro, Puente Bolognesi


Places to Visit

Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa

The Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa ("Basílica Catedral", in Spanish) is located in the "Plaza de Armas" of the city of Arequipa, province of Arequipa, Peru. It is the most important Catholic church of the city and also of the larger Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Arequipa since it is the base of the Archbishop and the Metropolitan Council. The cathedral is also considered one of Peru's most unusual and famous colonial cathedrals since the Spanish conquest.

Convento de Santa Catalina, Arequipa

    Convento de Santa Catalina is the most visited building from the Spanish era of the city. Described as a city within a city, this beautiful place with its colors, flowers and little streets will make you feel like you are back in time. Quite close to the Plaza de Armas.

Convento de Santa Teresa

One of the newest attractions is the Convento de Santa Teresa, a little off the usual tourist areas in downtown Arequipa. Not as interesting architecturally as the Convento de Santa Catalina, some of the paintings and artifacts are stunning.

Puente Fierro

Puente Fierro is an iron bridge designed by Eiffel and still in service. A technological jewel located in Vallecito (10 blocks from main square) and a must for people who love trains and bridges. From the bridge, at golden time (4.00-5.00 PM), you can get some of the best pictures from the volcanoes and the city.

Puente Bolognesi

Arequipa has beautiful bridges. Puente Bolognesi is the closest to the main square. Get there and visit the Tambos (ancient houses rebuilt by the city government and used as apartments). Great experience.

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