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Arendal church

Norway (General)
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By air

The town does also have an airport , but it is mostly used by GA, small airplanes, but in 2008 there were a jet at the airport.

By train

Arendal lies immediately southeast of European route E18. The Arendalsbanen railway line runs to Nelaug where it connects with Sorlandsbanen.

Key places to visit
Trinity church, Austre Moland church, The log church, Flosta church, Barbu church, Bjorbekk church, Hisoy church, The meadows church


Places to Visit

Trinity church

Trinity church, really trefoldighets Holy church, in Arendal is the parish church of Trinity church in Trinity parish, Arendal prostitution . The church is a basilicas , cruciform church in neo-Gothic style with short cross arms and 1 200 seats. It is the third church in Arendal, and all had the same name. Plans to build the present church was adopted by the Arendal city council in 1883 . The foundation stone was laid down 7 August 1885 , 23 December 1887 was made ​​a full test of the lighting from 180 gas flares, and 29 June 1888 the church was consecrated by Bishop Jacob Sverdrup Smitt .The church is located in Arendal in Arendal, at the intersection of Friergangen and church Street . It is a striking building with its church towers above 87 meters, the second highest, and the church bazaar towards Friergangen. The church is sometimes called "the Skagerrak Cathedral." The church was placed so that the tower is to the north and the altar to the south.

Austre Moland church

Austre Moland church is a cruciform church from 1673 in Arendal municipality, Aust-Agder county. Previously, the area in Austre Moland municipality. Before 1919 was named the Eastern Moland church.The structure is three and has 485 seats. It was originally built as a small church in 1673 . Extended and rebuilt to a cruciform church in 1779 . The church was indeed a new tower and four smaller pinnacles. Byggmester was Ole Nilsen Weierholt . Painting and decorating of the church was conducted by Anders Grundeson Lowe in 1797 for 300 Rdl , but it was his painter friend Nils Christensen, who painted the images of angels and apostles . Outside the church has painted trim around the windows.

The log church

The log church is a church from 1879 to Saltrod in Arendal municipality, Aust-Agder county.The church is located on the hillside on Stuene Bank of Saltrod in Arendal municipality . The site is separated from Upper Street. It is built as a church annex in the deck parish in Austre Moland parish . The church is a church of timber . Builder Carl Svendsen. The structure is three and has 400 seats.Alter Image of scene Jesus in Gethsemane is painted by Hedvig Lund for Austre Moland church in 1869, but this image was then not accepted by the church . Some years later it was handed deck new church. The picture had to be joined to make the altar .

Flosta church

Flosta church is a cruciform church on Flostaoya in Arendal municipality, Aust-Agder county. The church's parish church for Flosta parish.Flosta church is a votivkirke : it is built and the maintenance of gifts from sailors in distress. The church is mentioned in 1467. One of the bells is the year 1506 and the inscription says that it is cast in Holland.The current church building is constructed in the 1600s as a church in the timber. In 1747 the church was extended and rebuilt to a cruciform church. Ole Nielsen Weierholt was a builder, and he also made ​​the pulpit in the rococo style. church Decorated by Jorgen Schultz in 1750's. Parts of the altarpiece is from the 1600s.

Barbu church

Barbu church is a church from 1880 in Arendal municipality, Aust-Agder county.The church is located in Barbu parish, is the municipality's largest community and encompasses the entire eastern part of the old center of Arendal. Barbu church is located above the old houses in the beach resort Barbu. From the church steps is the view straight out Galtesund .

Bjorbekk church

Bjorbekk church is located on the farm Bjorbekk on Bjorbekk in oyestad , Arendal municipality.The church was built in 1884 in the frame and cost NOK 40 000 to build.The architect was JC Reuter. It was reported that oiestad church when it was new, unlike oiestad old church .The organ is from 1876 and was built by the Danish-Norwegian organ builder Claus Jensen on the advice of the then church music authority, Ludvig Mathias Lindemann . It was originally built to Trinity church in Arendal, but was moved to Bjorbekk church when the church in Arendal was demolished and replaced by the present church in 1888. Organ cost since 2000 respectively.

Hisoy church

Hisoy church is a cruciform church from 1849 to Hisoy in Arendal municipality, Aust-Agder county. The church is the parish church for Hisoy parish. Builder was John Hill. The altarpiece was painted by Christen Brown. The church has two bells are cast in Sund Violence in Sweden.The structure is clear and has 500 seats.

The meadows church

The meadows church is a church erected on its present site in 1882 . The church is located in Arendal municipality, Aust-Agder county.The church is located on Nedenes which until 1992 was part of oyestad municipality. It was formerly known as Nedenes Engenes chapel. There is a church of timber with 480 seats, built where it stands now in 1882 .But the church was originally dedicated in Grimstad as Grimstad church in 1849 and was moved to Nedenes because in Grimstad needed a larger church. The meadows church is in the Empire style and is constructed of timber champion Struck from Christiania.

Faervik church

Faervik church is a church from 1884 to Tromoy in Arendal municipality, Aust-Agder county. The church is in neo-Gothic style.The church choir, side galleries, organ gallery and two sacristy. It was a gift from the shipowner OBSorensen on Bratteklev by Galtesund, and was built by master builder Carl Svendsen and his son Ludvig Karlsen. church should cover the western parts of Tromoya.

Right Time to Visit

November - February