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Arendal Museum

Norway (General)
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By air

The town does also have an airport , but it is mostly used by GA, small airplanes, but in 2008 there were a jet at the airport.

By train

Arendal lies immediately southeast of European route E18. The Arendalsbanen railway line runs to Nelaug where it connects with Sorlandsbanen.

Key places to visit
Merdogaard Coastal Museum, Eydehavn Museum, Boom Holmen Museum, Aust-Agder historical center, Bomuldsfabriken Arts Hall, Southern Science Center


Places to Visit

Merdogaard Coastal Museum

Merdogaard Museum is a museum on the island Merdo outside Arendal .Oldest part of the house is from 1640 , but it was about and body to the 1730s . In 1736 was Zacharias Allewelt owner of the house. He led ship in delta speed and on top of his career, he was China Skipper. Allewelt sold the house to another China Captain, Jesper With, and moved back to Copenhagen . In 1781 the house was purchased by Jacob Larsson. Jacob and his wife Precious were those who left their mark on the house as a home, and many of their belongings in the house today. The building was bought by Arendals Museum in 1930 and belongs today Aust-Agder, cultural and historical center .

Eydehavn Museum

Eydehavn museum is an industrial museum in Eydehavn in Arendal in Aust-Agder county.The museum was established in 1982 and has offices and exhibitions in one of the old brick buildings from the industrial site the first time. 11 brick buildings were built by the Norwegian Nitridaktieselskap , and each contained four apartments. The museum has furnished such a house, and presents it as it could have been in the 1920's .The collection includes photographs, archival material, tools, equipment and examples of products from the two major industrial companies ( Arendal Foundries ) on Eydehavn. In addition, you will find a presentation of the unions on Eydehavn and an exhibition of artist Else Hagen, who was raised in Eydehavn.

Boom Holmen Museum

Boom island's museum is a river and tommerflotingsmuseum by Nidelva bottom of Arendal watercourse . Boom Holmen is oyestad in Arendal municipality.From the 1600s was timber is an important activity in Arendal watercourse. Timber was floated from Vrådal in Telemark to the river mouth at Arendal. The boom was all the timber which was floated on the river, stopped for sorting before being passed on to the various owners.Boom island is a monument consisting of several preserved buildings located on the riverbank. Only small amounts are retained by the boom in the river.oyestad Historical Society took over the land and buildings for conservation purposes as timber floating ended around 1970. The purpose is to convey the story of timber floating about life on the river.

Aust-Agder historical center

Aust-Agder Heritage Centre was established in 1832 under the name of Arendal School public Bibliotech and Musaeum, abbreviated Arendals Museum and to celebrate the 175 th anniversary in 2007 . Aak is probably the oldest ABM institution and has its headquarters in Langsae farm on the outskirts of Arendal center.The institution's main tasks is to be the leading professional body within the museum and archive in Aust-Agder county. The institution is divided into two sections: one for the archives, the other for the museum and dissemination. Archives Department is responsible for private archives , photo collection and inter-municipal archives, while the museum department is responsible for large collections and old buildings, including Merdogaard Coastal Museum and the buildings on the farm East Angel City in Holt. Aak also has a large library and collections of old books, and has its own bokbinderverksted. Arendal's Museum was an ABM institution in 1832, and Aak an ABM institution today.

Bomuldsfabriken Arts Hall

Bomuldsfabriken Art Hall is an art gallery in Arendal in Aust-Agder county. The gallery was opened in 1994 and is today a recognized gallery.Bomuldsfabriken Art Hall is housed in an old industrial building located close Torbjornsbu mines . The building space was originally a cotton weaving mill from the late 1800's. In 1990 the premises were vacant and the local historic environment in Arendal was looking for a purpose building could be used to. In 1992 bought Arendal municipality building. In 1994 the building was rehabilitated for use as an art gallery.

Southern Science Center

South Coast Science Center is a science center in Arendal in Aust-Agder . It was created in 2010 and is so far in temporary premises at Arendal in Arendal. Science Center is a place children and young people can learn about physics, chemistry, mathematics and technology by having fun.Southern Science Center aims to be a science center for both the Agder counties.At the end of 2012 it is planned that the Science Center moved into the Eureka building under construction and will be part of the Southern Education and Port Arendal .

Right Time to Visit

December - January