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By air

The town does also have an airport , but it is mostly used by GA, small airplanes, but in 2008 there were a jet at the airport.

By train

Arendal lies immediately southeast of European route E18. The Arendalsbanen railway line runs to Nelaug where it connects with Sorlandsbanen.

Key places to visit
Bomuldsfabriken Arts Hall, Klocker house, Science Center South Coast, Kjaempestaden, Arendal City Hall and Cultural Centre, Outer Mokkalasset guy


Places to Visit

Bomuldsfabriken Arts Hall

Bomuldsfabriken Art Hall is an art gallery in Arendal in Aust-Agder county. The gallery was opened in 1994 and is today a renowned gallery.Bomuldsfabriken Art Hall is housed in an old industrial building located close Torbjornsbu mines . The building space was originally a cotton weaving mill from the late 1800's. In 1990 the premises were vacant and the local historic environment in Arendal was looking for a purpose building could be applied to. In 1992 bought Arendal municipality building. In 1994 the building was rehabilitated for use as an art gallery.Bomuldsfabriken has a collection of contemporary Norwegian art, including works by Leonard Rickhard and Bard Breivik .

Klocker house

Klocker house is a citizen returning from 1826 in Arendal in Arendal municipality.The building was constructed in three of the Customs Inspector John Nicolai Klocker in the Empire style , while the oldest parts are from the 1600's . The house was kept in the family for four generations, but was sold in 1981 to "Foundation Klocker house", and is currently the museum . The museum shows how a wealthy byborgerfamilie lived. The building was listed in 1984 .The house is three stories and tall hipped roof . The first floor houses an old general store where they sell local literature, and offices for the foundation's secretary . The second floor contains family Klocker home, so it was around the year 1900 , while the third floor contains the house's hall.

Science Center South Coast

Science Center South Coast is a science center in Arendal in Aust-Agder . It was created in 2010 and currently holds in temporary premises at Arendal in Arendal. Science Center is a place children and young people can learn about physics, chemistry, mathematics and technology by having fun.Science Center South Coast aiming to be a science for both Agder counties.At the end of 2012 it is planned that the Science Center moved into the Eureka building under construction and will be part of the Southern Education and Harbour Arendal .


Kjaempestaden is a historic festival and spectacle , with motifs from Arendal's history. The first events have been grain riots in 1814 as a motive, but from 2007 to the historical context is expanded. The events have been held in June.Arendals Bourgeois Military is an important player during the festival.The term Kjaempestaden comes from a poem ironic edge to Arendal Arendal citizenship after crash in 1886.

Arendal City Hall and Cultural Centre

Arendal City Hall and Cultural Centre is Arendal Municipality's new city hall and cultural center , and is there Arendal bus station earlier was on the re-filled harbor ore wharf, right in the center of Arendal. The building was completed in autumn 2004 while the official opening took place on 4 in March 2005 . Arendal Old Town Hall is located in Arendal , and is now used for culture and function rooms.Central to the house is a large hall, and around and over this is the municipal offices. Front is Sam Eyde's place , and around the block is kollektivterminal with stops for buses and taxis . The building is located in an axis that runs from Trinity Church in Arendal .

Outer Mokkalasset guy

Outer Mokkalasset guy called Tvedestrand guy is a guy on a cutting between Kilsund and Kalvoy Sund in Arendal .The lighthouse served as led-/innseilingsfyr and was established in 1888 at the request of Tverdalsoens Somandsforening . This was the first cast iron tower in Aust-Agder .The lighthouse is a rare example of a low cast iron tower with marginal living conditions. It has a 15 meter high cast iron tower located on a 3 meter high stone plinth. It was decorated a small kitchen and two small rooms, in the rock shelf a basement and a oljebod and water tank. On the small rock was no room for any family residences, and the keeper's house was set up in Brarvikkilen on Flostaoya . The lighthouse was lit for 15 September 1888 .

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