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Anuradhapura,Central - Srilanka

Sri Lanka
Central - Srilanka
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By Car

It is possible to get to Anuradhapura on the A9 highway from Kandy. The drive from Colombo is approximately five hours by bus; or 4 hours by private vehicle. Buses travel along this highway, as well, and there is a bus station in the Anuradhapura New Town.

By Train

Train service also runs to Anuradhapura from the south, with two stations being in and near Anuradhapura.

By Bus

The A9 road will lead you out of the city, and you can find buses to Kandy, Colombo, and other destinations from the bus station in the Anuradhapura New Town. There are also two train stations in and around Anuradhapura, which can take you to Colombo.

Key places to visit
Bodhi Tree Temple, Ruwanwelisaya, The Archaeolgy Museum, The Folk Museum, The Western Monasteries


Places to Visit

Bodhi Tree Temple

is the second most sacred place in Sri Lanka, after the Sri Dalada Maligawa, or Temple of the Tooth, in Kandy. The Bodhi Tree is allegedly a cutting from the original Bodhi tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment, and has been continuously guarded for over 2000 years, making it the oldest historically authenticated tree in the world. The temple complex is surrounded by walls, and is quite busy with monks and worshipers.


the oldest and most voluminous stupa at Anuradhapura, has been fully restored, painted white, and is currently a centre of worship. Walk from the Sri Maha Bodhiya, past the Brazen Palace (an ancient palace that once supported a bronze roof) to the stupa. There are several image houses at the stupa, as well as four smaller stupas in the four corners of the complex. Please be respectful of the worshipers at the site.

The Archaeolgy Museum

Showcases many of the artifacts found at the site, from jewelery and gems to coinage and pottery. The museum is more focused on religious and elite objects, although some commoner artifacts are also shown.

The Folk Museum

Showcases the archaeology of Anuradhapura from a more folk perspective.

The Western Monasteries

These monasteries represent a different take on worshiping the Buddha than can be found in the main part of the ancient city. Whereas many monasteries were opulent and richly adorned, the Western Monasteries sought a more orthodox existence, without any sort of decoration within the monastery, save for urinal stones. Urinal stones were often very richly adorned, and the symbolism here need not be explicitly stated.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December


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