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Angra do Heroismo

Angra do Heroismo
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Airports nearest to Angra do Heroismo are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Lajes Ab Airport (distanced approximately 16 km)
Lajes Airport (distanced approximately 17 km)
Terceira Island Lajes Ab Airport (distanced approximately 17 km)
Sao Jorge Airport (distanced approximately 83 km)
Graciosa Is Azor Airport (distanced approximately 86 km)

Key places to visit
The Old Square, Fort of Sao Joao Baptista, Museum of Angra do Heroismo, Azorean bullfight, City Park Relvao, Port of Five Ribeiras, Cave of Five Ribeiras


Places to Visit

The Old Square

One can not describe Angra do Heroismo without mentioning the "Old Square" also known as the Square of St. Cosmo and Damian or Restoration Square.It was the first Portuguese square specifically designed as a broad open area at the intersection of two main arteries.Typically squares in medieval Europe developed in a rather haphazard and unplanned fashion around the nucleus of the local church or cathedral with open space only at the west front of the church and a maze of crooked streets, often eight or ten of them entering the "square" at various angles.Angra's square on the other hand is a broad and orderly expanse paved with small blocks of stone, white limestone and black basalt that form a Portuguese mosaic similar to what you will find on the sidewalks and public squares of Lisbon and other cities and towns on the mainland.

Fort of Sao Joao Baptista

is a historic fortress located in the municipality of Angra do Heroismo in the south of the island of Terceira in the Azores, Portugal.A defense study for the Azores began in the middle of the 16th century by military engineer Bartolomeu Ferraz: in his report to the Portuguese Crown, he indicated that islands of Sao Miguel, Terceira, Sao Jorge, Faial and Pico were vulernable to attacks by priates and Protestant privateers (primarily English, French and Dutch), and its ports and village required better security conditions.The final plan for Angra do Heroismo and Terceira included elaboration of the coastal defenses at the Fort of Sao Sebastiao (or the Castelinho as it is known), the Porto das Pipas and the Fort of Sao Sebastiao (in the area of Ribeira Seca); the plan was later continued by Cipriao de Figueiredo e Vasconcelos, then governor of the islands, to encompass over fifty defensive works along the coast of the island.

Museum of Angra do Heroismo

is located in the Historic Centre of Angra do Heroism on the island Terceira in the Azores.It constitutes a public institution intended for exhibit design and promotion and dissemination of culture Azores.Suffered severe damage when the great earthquake of January 1, 1980, under which underwent lengthy construction period of recovery, when adjustments were performed and improved features of the traditional museum.Currently it has modern facilities which expressed some of their important collections.Integrates the Regional Network of Museums.

Azorean bullfight

The Portuguese version of bullfighting differs considerably from its Spanish counterpart and the Azorean variety, which began on Terceira, differs from the mainland style in some important respects also.The Azorean bullfight ritual involves "audience participation" in a way that recalls the "running of the bulls" at Pamplona (Spain).Eventually the bull is funneled through the city streets to the bullring, the Praca de Toiros da Ilha (Island Bullring), in the eastern part of Angra, where a traditional Portuguese-style bullfight is held.From May 1 to September 30, there are daily touradas; in fact, sometimes there are two or three in one day.

City Park Relvao

is located at the foot of the slope east of Mount Brazil in the parish of the Cathedral, the historic center of town and municipality of Angra do Heroism in Terceira in the Azores.It extends the walls of the fortress of St. John the Baptist to the bay of Angra do Heroism in a site history once the so-called "Relvao" served as field maneuvers military in the context of the Portuguese Civil War (1828-1834) and as a place of punishment and executions by firing squad in particular for determining the provisional junta following the Battle of Peak harness (October 4 of 1828).Currently the park is in an important recreational area with various equipment which highlight volleyball and basketball courts, walking track/race, playground with toys and many others.

Port of Five Ribeiras

is a bathing area and fishing port Portuguese located on the southwest coast of Terceira in the parish of Five Ribeiras, municipality of Angra do Heroism, Terceira, Azores.It is a coastal resort area whose geological formation is now framed at the beginning of the volcano of the Sierra de Santa Barbara, characterized as it is located on a coast of cliffs formed by very high lava sometimes echoed now of pyroclastic in different geological layers giving rise a perfect stratification of the layers of bedrock.Near the port there are the remains of Fort Ribeiras of Five and the Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Cave of Five Ribeiras

is a cave Portuguese located on the southwest coast of Terceira Island, parish of Five Ribeiras, municipality of Angra do Heroism, Terceira, Azores.It is a coastal cave which access is done directly by the coast.It is located in the zone of influence of the Port of Five Ribeiras and bay surrounding it.Despite various levels of depth reaches 16 meters at its maximum height being in the bottom gallery formed by small pebble and small rocks to the mixture with a large presence of sand.

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November - February


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