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Lower Austria
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By Train

Amstetten station is a railway junction Amstetten in Lower Austria.In Amstetten a branch line that ends Rudolf train after Kleinreifling, which adYbbs Waidhofen wrong, also the railway station is located on the western railway.The station is operated by local and long distance trains.In the hall there are two ticket offices and a ticket machine.In the hall there is also a travel agency, a waiting room, a tobacconist and two telephones.The station building itself is of the restaurant and a public toilet.In the train station lockers are also still available.At the station there is a Park & Ride facility.At the station forecourt hold the post of Amstetten buses and city buses.

By Bus

At the station forecourt hold the post of Amstetten buses and city buses.Amstetten, the western highway A1.

Key places to visit
Sunday Mountain, Mostviertler farm museum, Castle Ulmerfeld, Church of St. Stephen, Monastery Church of the School Sisters


Places to Visit

Sunday Mountain

is a market town with 3826 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011) in the district of Amstetten in Lower Austria and is a major Catholic pilgrimage site.Sunday Mountain is located in the Most district in Lower Austria.29.11 percent of the market town area is forested.Especially worth mentioning is that this small market town has the same two clubs who play active football.On one side of the KSV Bohlerwerk, former club and tradition on the other side ATUS Rosenau, has never gone beyond the protection league.Currently both teams play in the second Ybbstal class (class = last game in Lower Austria). Highlight of the season are the two local derbies.

Mostviertler farm museum

In the municipality the Mostviertler farm museum owned by the family Distelberger the vast private collection of a home associated Mostviertler about the simple life of earlier eras as well as the Historic Weapons Collection Urschitz one Amstettner who until a few years the weapons of the Swiss Guard produced the Vatican.

Castle Ulmerfeld

is a lock box lock in Ulmerfeld in Amstetten in Lower Austria.On 15 August was 995 Ulmerfeld first time in an exchange certificate Bishop of Passau, Gottschalks said that the handover Ulmer field by King Otto III. to the Bishop of Freising to content.In 1189 bought the Bishopric of Freising for all of his possessions by the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, the right of the so-called "Castle's Work.1321 was the expansion of the castle as an administrative center and seat of the Freisinger keeper.1803 ended with the secularization of the Freisinger rule.Between 1808 and 1823, the castle was in public administration and then moved often the owner.1930 the castle became the property of the Neusiedler AG and in 1975 acquired over the greater community of Amstetten for a purchase price of 80,000 shillings.It now serves as a rehearsal hall of the Musikverein and Youth and is also home to community housing.

Church of St. Stephen

is a Roman Catholic church in the Lower Austrian town of Amstetten.The parish church of St. Stephen stands on the foundations of an older church, the remains of walls during the renovation in 1975 were found. These comprised about today's nave, it was prone to the south choir room smaller and is likely in the second Half of the 13th Century have arisen.He has been to have been a Gothic style, the nave of Romanesque origin but could. In the 14th Century a chapel was added, which is the oldest component of the present church, the front part of the north aisle, and the Our Lady of Sorrows has been consecrated. The next phase was characterized by the construction of the nave, together with the north aisle.

Monastery Church of the School Sisters

is a Roman Catholic church in the Lower Austrian town of Amstetten.She is the St. Francis of Assisi dedicated.The School Sisters of the Church was built in 1898/99 by the company Amstettner cry Hofer-Gerlach designed by the Viennese chief engineer Henry Wood Eland, which it also held construction management.For the School Sisters of the III.Order of St.Francis convent has been built but already on 18 April 1876 his determination to pass, the reason why the farmer Johann Datzberger (1823-1905) had made donated.The congregation gradually enlarged the building to its present extent: today it provides space for elementary and secondary school, a domestic science school, a college of Business Administration and a training college for kindergarten teachers.In addition, since 1938 it houses the headquarters of the religious community.

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