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By Train

Amersfoort station is a rail junction. One line comes from Amsterdam via Hilversum, another from Utrecht. Beyond Amersfoort, they split. The main line to the east goes to Apeldoorn, Deventer, and on to Enschede. The line north-east to Zwolle is the main line to the north of the country, to Leeuwarden and Groningen. Trains arrive and depart at similar times on both sides of the platform, so you need to be careful about which train you board. There are two suburban stations, Schothorst and Vathorst.The main station is served by Amersfoort, the main station, which has trains to Enschede, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam and Leeuwarden/Groningen,Amersfoort Schothorst, to the north of Amersfoort station and Amersfoort Vathorst, to the north of Amersfoort Schothorst.

By Bus

Bus services are provided by 2 firms: Connexxion and Veolia. Connexxion provides services in town and to some destinations in the province of Utrecht, while Veolia offers connections to the province of Gelderland.

By Ferries

The river Eem (pronounced roughly "aim") begins in Amersfoort, and the town has a port for inland water transport.The Eem connects to the nearby Eemmeer (Lake Eem).The Valleikanaal drains the eastern Gelderse Vallei and joins with other sources to form the Eem in Amersfoort.

By Road

Two major motorways pass Amersfoort along the north, the A1 motorway (Amsterdam–Apeldoorn) and along the east, the A28 motorway (Utrecht–Groningen).

Key places to visit
The Mondriaan House, Dutch Cavalry Museum, Amersfoortse Kei, Onze Lieve Vrouwe tower, DierenPark Amersfoort


Places to Visit

The Mondriaan House

Is a museum in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, in the house where Piet Mondriaan was born in 1872. The museum lies in the historical centre of Amersfoort. The building of the Christian primary school, where the father of Mondriaan was headmaster, has also been incorporated in the museum building. In 1994, the house and the school were opened as a library and documentation centre. Since 2001 the Mondriaan House has been the only museum for constructive and concrete art in the Netherlands.

Dutch Cavalry Museum

Is located in the centre of The Netherlands in the city of Amersfoort.The museum is hosted in two large buildings at the Bernhardkazerne army barracksThe collection contains small objects, like uniforms, firearms, silver, paintings, scale models, etc, and larger objects, like vehicles, armoured cars, tanks and related equipment, that were or still are in use with the cavalry of the Royal Dutch Army.The museum covers over 425 years of history, and shows the visitor the evolution of cavalry from horseback to the modern tank.

Amersfoortse Kei

This glacial boulder is the symbol for the city. A 17th-century nobleman and poet persuaded 400 inhabitants to drag the 7156 Kg stone to Amersfoort, for beer, just to show they would do something useless.The incident made the city the butt of jokes, and it buried the stone for centuries, out of shame.In 1903 the city felt sufficiently rehabilitated to dig it up again, and it became its symbol. In fact, the city started to collect boulders, gifts from other cities: they are displayed on the inner ring road, along the line of the old city wall.

Onze Lieve Vrouwe tower

The former cathedral spire.You can climb the 364 steps on a guided tour, Tuesday to Sunday, every hour from 11.00 to 17.00, from July to mid-September, € 4.

DierenPark Amersfoort

Is a zoo, located on the West side of Amersfoort, province of Utrecht, on the edge of the bunch area Birkhoven.The zoo was founded on 22 May 1948 by Mr. Tertoolen and Mr. Knoester.Initially it was a very small zoo with a monkey, a bear, a camel and some farm animals.In the years afterwards the first carnivore arrived, and in 1956 the elephants Indra and Rani.In 1960, One of the zoo's founders daughters and her husband took over the management of the zoo, Mr. and Mrs. Vis-Tertoolen. Also, the first chimpanzees arrived.In 1979, 2 completely white lions were born, but while growing up they became normally coloured.In 1982 seven cheetahs were born.In 1988, the park got a savanna area and "De Ark van Amersfoort" (Amersfoort's Arch) was opened.The zoo currently has an area of approx. 10 hectares; there are more than hundred different kinds of animals and has about 650.000 visitors a year.

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