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Airports nearest to Amarante are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Ourilandia Airport (distanced approximately 18 km)
Vila Real Airport (distanced approximately 30 km)
Braga Airport (distanced approximately 47 km)
Oporto Airport (distanced approximately 50 km)
Alijo Airport (distanced approximately 53 km)

Key places to visit
Bridge of Saint Mary, Church of Saint Mary, House Walk, Manor of Magellan, Church of St. Dominic, Feasts of Saint Mary


Places to Visit

Bridge of Saint Mary

The Bridge of Saint Mary on the River Tamega, together with the Church of Saint Mary, are the epicenter of the historical center of Amarante .Originally, it is supposed to have existed in this place a bridge of Roman origin, as this represents the route of the Roman road which would in Amarante towards Guimaraes and Braga .However, around the year 1250, Sao Goncalo will have built or rebuilt this bridge.In 1782, began the reconstruction of the bridge project with Carlos Amarante, and opened to traffic in 1790 .In the year 1791 completed it with four beautiful and artistic pyramids, two ornaments in the form of the ballot box and a circular seat in each half orange.

Church of Saint Mary

The Church of Saint Mary was founded by Sao Goncalo do Amarante.This work is in the center of Amarante, Portugal.In 1540, a large monastery was transformed with the construction of a Dominican convent in honor of Sao Goncalo, with the permission and assistance of D.John III and his wife, Queen Catherine D.The building of the Church and Convent ended at the time of Philip I, before 1600.The construction of the porch and balcony of the Kings began on 12 October 1683.

House Walk

is a luxury hotel located in the historic town of Amarante .Built in the century XVI to be one of the main palace of the Count of Redondo, was during the French invasion of the Allied commands a hostel, having played a key role in the defense of Amarante and the access road to the Port .However, the third day of battle, the building was destroyed by fire.It was later acquired and rebuilt by the family Pereira do Lago.He served as a meeting point for politicians and intellectuals, as in the century XX.In 2001 was recovered in its entirety and, in November 2003, he joined the prestigious hotel chain Relais & Châteaux.During the first quarter of the sixteenth century begins the construction of the tower defense Ponte de Amarante intended to levy a toll and the Palace of the Counts of Redondo, and the Palace of the House Walk.

Manor of Magellan

is a building of the eighteenth century, which belonged to the family Magellan in Amarante.It lies in ruins since 1809, when he was fired by the troops French during the 2 nd s French invasion.Today is one of the main sights of the city and also a symbol of resistance against the French invaders.

Church of St. Dominic

The St. Dominic's Church or Church of Our Lord of the Afflicted situated in Amarante was built by the Venerable Third Order of St. Dominic Patriarch and was completed in 1725 like the Baroque.Currently it incorporates a Museum of Sacred Art.

Feasts of Saint Mary

is a popular tradition of the city Portuguese of Amarante.These festivals celebrate the existence of Saint Goncalo de Amarante.The event always takes place the first weekend, week of June, so it is also popularly known as Feasts of June.These are the most important that the city assist in bringing together thousands of popular historical center.There are also fireworks which improves from year to year.This occurs at midnight on the second day of the festival (Saturday).

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June - November


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