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Nearest airports to Almada are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre
    Montijo Airport (distanced approximately 10 km)
    Lisbon Airport (distanced approximately 11 km)
    Cascais Airport (distanced approximately 18 km)
    Sintra Airport (distanced approximately 23 km)
    Alverca Airport (distanced approximately 25 km)

Key places to visit
Castle of Almada, Castle Garden, Church of Santiago, Church of the Convent of St. Paul, Former Church of St. Sebastian, Forte de Sao Sebastiao da Caparica, Palace Jose Antonio Gomes


Places to Visit

Castle of Almada

The Castle of Almada is located in the parish and city of Almada in the district of Setubal in Portugal .Village is strategically located on the left bank of the Tagus River, bordering Lisbon, its current name dates from the Moorish occupation, when he called al-Madan (mine gold or silver ), alluding to the mining activity practiced in the region at the time.

Castle Garden (Almada)

The Castle Garden in Almada refers to the garden created in the surroundings of the castle of Almada. It consists of a public space, 2765 m² which includes a gazebo, a bandstand and a restaurant. The lookout offers a view over the Tagus river and the city of Lisbon, which includes everything from the parish of Santa Maria de Belem to the square of trade and thus includes the Belem Tower, the bridge on April 25, Monsanto Forest Park and Bridge Vasco da Gama. Almada's side is also visible at Casa da Cerca, Christ the King, Around the house, the church of Santiago and the castle of Almada. The garden of the castle is also a stage for concerts and festivals, such as the Popular Saints in Almada.

Church of Santiago (Almada)

The Church of Santiago is located in a church off May 1 in Almada, near the castle of Almada and the castle garden. Its building dates from the seventh century and "rebuilt" in 1724 as shown in the royal priest and architect Francisco Tinoco da Silva.
The church suffered extensive damage during the earthquake of 1755, despite being the churches of Almada who suffered in the earthquake. It was later rebuilt by Antonio Francisco de Bragança, brother of King D. John V.

Church of the Convent of St. Paul

The Church of the Convent of St. Paul was erected in conjunction with the convent, in the second half of the sixteenth century, in the parish of Almada, the municipality of Almada. The church has a single nave and is partially decorated with blue and white tiles of the eighteenth century with scenes from religious .The altars have altarpieces carved Baroque eighteenth century. In the ante-sacristy you can also see a screen of the eighteenth century, The Betrothal of the Virgin. The sacristy is one of the most interesting places in the building: there is an altar in front of Oriental influence.

Former Church of St. Sebastian

The old Church of St. Sebastian, also known as Saint Sebastian Chapel is a church located in Almada, AML, Portugal.

Forte de Sao Sebastiao da Caparica

The Fort of Sao Sebastiao da Caparica also known as the Tower of St. Sebastian da Caparica, Tower and Old Fortress of Old Tower, located in the village of Monte da Caparica, parish of Caparica, the municipality of Almada, Setúbal, in Portugal. The Torre Velha da Caparica is one of the most important examples of military architecture renaissance in the country since it was among the first systems artillery integrating the defense bar of the Tagus River, together with the Tower of St. Anthony of Cascais and the Tower of St. Vincent of Bethlehem.

Palace Jose Antonio Gomes

The mansion Jose Antonio Gomes, better known as Chalet Palace and was the great work which dwelt Jose Antonio Gomes, the first to bring the culture of the phone and the car to the village of Cova da Piedade.

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