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Alcacer do Sal

Alcacer da Sal
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Nearest airports  to Alcacer do Sal are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

   Sines Airport (distanced approximately 56 km)
   Evora Airport (distanced approximately 56 km)
   Beja Airport (distanced approximately 59 km)
   Montijo Airport (distanced approximately 60 km)
   Lisbon Airport (distanced approximately 72 km)

Key places to visit
Alcacer do Sal Castle, Solar dos Salemas, The archaeological site of Abul, Church of Our Lady of the Assumption


Places to Visit

Alcacer do Sal Castle

The castle of Alcacer do Sal in Alentejo, located in the city and county of Alcacer do Sal, Setubal district, in Portugal. Since the early days of occupation the fishing and the exploitation of salt brought wealth to the region, surpassed only in the mid- nineteenth century, the cultivation of rice. The castle stands in a dominant position on the left bank (south) of the River Sado, integrating currently the Tourism Region of Costa Azul Portuguese.

Solar dos Salemas

The Solar Salemas is a solar Portuguese island located in the Azorean the peak in the municipality of Magdalena to the Areia Larga. This solar declare as the value municipality by resolution No. 117/99 of July 8, has a date of construction goes back to the eighteenth century and nineteenth century, is also integrated into the landscape of Interest Regional Vineyard Culture Island Peak created by the Azores Regional Government under the Regional Legislative Decree no. No 12/86/A of June 27.

The archaeological site of Abul

The archaeological site of Abul is located on the right bank of the River Sado, in Estate of Monte Novo de Palma, in the municipality of Alcacer do Sal, the district of Setubal, about 40 kilometers south of Setubal.In Abul is a factory Phoenician founded in the mid-seventh century BC abandoned in the early sixth century BC, and pottery Roman has worked since the first century AD to the mid-third century AD.

Church of Our Lady of the Assumption

The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption is the Church Mother of Torrao. It has a fig tree that was born on the roof a few years ago. It is classified as a Public Interest since 1933.

Right Time to Visit

July - September


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