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Al Ain

United Arab Emirates
Shaikhdom of Abu Dhabi
Al Ain
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By plane

Technically, Al Ain has its own international airport, but the vast majority of flights arrive at Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

By Bus

Easiest way to reach Al Ain is by Bus from Abu Dhabi (140 km) and Dubai (100 km). Buses depart hourly from Abu Dhabi bus station, arriving at Al Ain bus staion and it takes 2 hours ( 10 Dhs , $ 2.70). Buses are clean Air Conditioned semi luxury type. Bus stops in half way for about 10 minutes. From Dubai, there are Emirates mini buses availble from Bur Dubai taxi station. Clean semi luxury mini vans charges 20 Dhs ( $5.40 Approx) for the 90 minutes journey.

Key places to visit
Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium, Hili Fun City, Camel Racing, Al Ain National Museum


Places to Visit

Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium

Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium opened in 1969 and has since expanded into one of the largest collections of both common and rare animals. Arabian antelope and deer comprise a large area of the zoo. A variety of African antelope, such as oryx , eland , gazzelle and lechwe can be found in the tree shaded paddocks which offer excellent breeding conditions.

The big cathouse features lions, tigers, pumas, black and spotted leopards and jaguars. Gorilla and monkey compounds, a reptile house and aviaries are other highlights of the Al Ain Zoo.

The zoo is also famous for its research facilities, in particular the ongoing breeding program for endangered native animals.

Hili Fun City

Hili Fun City is largest and most popular theme park in the Gulf Region. Hili Fun City features over forty rides and attractions including a looping roller coaster, the Dynamic Motion Theater, the high flying sky flyer and a host of other rides and slides.

An annual festival, which celebrates the culture and history of the UAE is held at Hili Fun City in Al Ain. International variety shows are presented in a carnival atmosphere attracting thousands of visitors from around the region.

Picnic facilities, food outlets, souvenir shops and variety shows are provided in addition to the selection of rides including modern favorites and the latest attractions such as Laser Dome and Gyro Tower. Adjacent to Hili Fun City is the Al Ain Ice Rink; an Olympic sized facility offering skating and numerous children's games.

Camel Racing

Camel Racing is an ancient sport that generally takes place on informal desert tracks although some official tracks have also been set aside for this purpose. A large ten kilometer track on the Al Ain road hosts races regularly.

Visitors are provided with the opportunity to view the exciting races and experience the atmosphere of traditionally clad locals in tune with their surroundings.

Certain slender breeds such as the white or golden 'Anafi' and the brown or black 'Boushari' are more suitable for racing. Camel training begins at the age of six months, while entrance for official races is permitted at the age of three years.

Al Ain National Museum

The Al Ain National Museum is located adjacent to the Al Hosn Palace.

The Ethnographical Section of the Al Ain National Museum reflects the daily life of the people of the region. Reconstructions of traditional majilis and exhibits featuring traditional life are highlights. Garments, household items and utensils, as well as gold and silver jewelry reflect the local customs and traditions. The Grand Hili tomb with its rock engravings has been reconstructed.

The Archaeological Section displays discoveries dating back to the Bronze and Iron ages including gold pendants and an important coin collection.

Right Time to Visit

December - May


July - September -> 45(°C) - Summer
December - February -> 28(°C) - Spring


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