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Country: Mexico
State: Estado de Baja California Norte
City: Aguascalientes
Type of Location: Multiple
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By plane

Lic. Jesus Teran Peredo International Airport (IATA: AGU, ICAO: MMAS), also known as Aguascalientes International Airport. The airport is 10 miles out of the city.
Surrounding Airports

SLP - San Luis Potosi Airport
BJX - Leon-Guanajuato Airport
ZCL - Zacatecas Airport
GDL - Guadalajara Airport
TPQ - Tepic Airport

By bus

Central Camionera, The bus station is on the south side of the first ring, 3 miles from main square. A bus ride from Mexico City will usually take about six hours. There is an overnight bus that runs from Mexico City to Aguascalientes that leaves around midnight and arrives in Aguascalientes around 6am. This type of bus trip is perfect for those who just want to spend a full day in Aguascalientes.

By car

To get to Aguascalientes from Mexico City by car you will need to take the MEX 57 as far as Querétaro, then take the MEX 45 via Salamanca. Aguascalientes is located on Federal Highway 57/45 in Mexico.

Key places to visit
Aguascalientes Museum, Jose Guadalupe Posada Museum, Old Train Station and Railway Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia


Places to Visit

Aguascalientes Museum

The Aguascalientes City Museum is located in the City of Aguascalientes, in the state of Aguascalientes Mexico, as the premier Art Museum in the City.
It was built in 1903 by José Refugio Reyes Rivas in a neoclassical style. Its facade outstands as a Greek Temple made out of groove capitals and columns. It is built in pink quarry.
The interior is composed of two yards; the first yard has carved columns; and the second yard has central quarry fountains, work of José Refugio Reyes Rivas. It has capital columns and arcs.

Jose Guadalupe Posada Museum

The Jose Guadalupe Posada Museum is located in the Mexican city of Aguascalientes, capital of the State of Aguascalientes, and birthplace of the graphic artist Jose Guadalupe Posada. The Museum displays the original signed printed plates with which he created his graphic images.

Old Train Station and Railway Museum

The Old Train Station and Railway Museum is located in the city of Aguascalientes, in the state of Aguascalientes, in Mexico.
Aguascalientes was once the largest hub in Mexico's rail system, and it held the largest workshop and warehouse complex in all Latin America.
The museum consists of two buildings and wagons. The loading warehouse exhibits railway history in Aguascalientes: the working class wars, the mechanical workshop, the Mexican Revolution, the first trains, the history of locomotive engine No. 40, the opening of the workshops, the derailments, and the origins of the railway.

Museum of Contemporary Art

The Aguascalientes Museum of Contemporary Art is an art gallery located in the city of Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico and has 6 showrooms.
In the "Jesus F. Contreras" showroom there are works from the contemporary plastic art of Mexico. These were rewarded works from the Young Encounter of Arts; in another show is the work of Enrique Guzmán Villagomez, a recognized artist due to his interesting form of expression. In the Arts Library exhibition room, there are works of photographers for a variety of tastes and knowledge.
In the first floor the Saturnino Herrán showroom holds a temporal exhibition of works done by recognized artists in the country and from all over the world.

Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia

The National Institute of Statistic and Geography (INEGI by its name in Spanish, Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía) is an autonomous agency of the Mexican Government dedicated to coordinate the National System of Statistical and Geographical Information of the country. It was created on January 25, 1983 by presidential decree of Miguel de la Madrid.

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