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Saudi Arabia
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By Air

There are flights to Abha from Riyadh and Jeddah.

By Road

The drive to Abha from Khamis Mushayt can be very interesting trip, but as usual drive carefully.The road from Sharourah via Najran is daunting but interesting - up and down ribbon across the dunes, with an old version off to one side for may kms.There were Camel warning signs along it, but some were single hump silhouettes, others had 2 humps.You can also drive in from the west coast, with lots of winding roads, bypassing old washed out bridges, lots of signs of floods, some picturesque villages etc, or from the north from Taif - lots more twisty roads and not as interesting as going to the coast.Neither trip offers much in the way of accommodations, so be prepared to camp out.

Key places to visit
Abha Exhibition Center, Shadda Palace, Al Habalah, Green Mountain Restaurant & Cafe, Basket Souq, Cable Car, Al Saudah, Tanumah and Shallal al Dahna


Places to Visit

Abha Exhibition Center

The Abha International Exhibition Center provides a total of 8000 square meters in five exhibition halls around a semi-open central area, plus a state-of-the-art auditorium for 550 delegates with additional conference rooms and full support services. Just two kilometers from Abha airport, the center includes a leisure complex with a 60-room motel and health club. Attractions include a bowling center, restaurants and cafeterias and indoor sports arena. There are also outdoor facilities for tennis, football and horse riding, with a children's play area.

Shadda Palace

is the main ruling palace in Abha, Saudi Arabia.It was established around 1820.It has now been converted to a museum.

Al Habalah

this tribe had been located by a helicopter out spotting for mining research center at the foot of perilous rift.Al Habala is one of Asirs unique regions and one can visit passing through Al Qara resort and entertainment village.Al Habala is an old name for a once inhabited village.Part of the old village is located at a steep of 400 meters where then relocated in King Faisal village.Al Habala is one of Asirs unique touristic areas and is located 2000 meters above sea level and 35 minutes from Abha airport.Why has a place of such difficult access been chosen - The official account, according to which a clan of the Qahtan tribe had fled the Turks years before and taken refuge in this perilous eerie.

Green Mountain Restaurant & Cafe

is located at Abha City on the highest point of Jebal Thera with dramatic views over Abha City & the surrounding regions.The restaurant serves all kinds of oriental and international food and sweets and can help you in planning for your special parties.In addition there is an open coffee shop where you can enjoy fresh air and there is a full equipped Internet cafe.

Basket Souq

There is also famous "basket souk" in the city.Abha is famous for these heavy duty colorful baskets which are made from reeds and sometimes vinyl.Most of which are handmade.They can be found at good prices and used for just about anything.It is run by mostly Saudi women.

Cable Car

You can visit Al Soudah passing through superb forests, Al Sooda resort, and the cable cars. You can during your tour, ride the Soudah cable cars to Qaws valley which is 2000 meters deep and then visit Almaa Museum in Al Shabin province known for its history and traditional building.The highest of any visit is the seven-kilometer cable cars ride down from Al Soudah, descending around 2000 meters to connect Sirwat Mountains with the Tihama villages through a spectacular cable car journey.14 cars operate on the route, which includes facilities for the handicapped, and is equipped to the highest standards of comfort and safety.

Al Saudah

is situated on Sirwat Mountains in the Magical area of misty Sirwat mountains and un-spoilt jumping forests, located at the highest point in Asir, west of Abha City, 3000 meters above sea level and 30 minutes from Abha airport, there is much less oxygen in the air.The mountains are covered with Araar trees and natural forest and contain one of Asirs largest national parks.

Tanumah and Shallal al Dahna

Tanumah lies about 100km north of Abha and is connected by a fast and good road.It lies in area of broken granite hills covered with juniperus and acacia.Shallal al Dahna contains one of a few semi permanent waterfalls in the country and a pool.

Right Time to Visit

January - May
September - December


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