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By Air

The nearest airport to the city is Aarhus International Airport, located 43kms northeast of the city in Tirstrup. Most incoming flights make a connection in Copenhagen first, of which there are about 12 flights each day, operated by SAS. There are also a small number of direct flights from Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Oslo, Stockholm and London. There are several convenient options to get from the airport to Aarhus.

By Rail

Aarhus is well-connected to Copenhagen, with hourly trains to and from the capital. The 3-hour, 30-minute journey goes through the newly opened Tunnel under the Great Belt. From Copenhagen, you can make a connection to just about any other city in Europe. From southern and central Europe, you can make an easy train connection in Hamburg. Locally, there are 20 trains a day from Aalborg, Frederikshavn and the North Jutland port, where ferries arrive from Norway.  

By Bus

Bus service is limited to two daily runs from Copenhagen to Aarhus. From the Danish capital, you can connect to most major European cities.

Key places to visit
Thorsager, Den Gamle By, Arhus Botanical Garden, Cathedral of St Clemens, Aarhus Kunstmuseum


Places to Visit

Aarhus Kunstmuseum

Just south of the university, this museum houses the oldest and most impressive collection of Danish paintings in Jutland. The Romantics, Realists and Impressionists are all represented as well as a number of sculptures and drawings from 1750 to the present. Modern works include art from countries other than Denmark, and special guest exhibitions are usually shown here.

Cathedral of St Clemens

This lovely late-Gothic cathedral has a copper roof and a 96 metre spire crowning the top. Begun in the 13th century, the building is the longest cathedral in Denmark. The interior is particularly interesting, with its Renaissance pulpit, 15th century triptych and a massive pipe organ from the 18th century.

Arhus Botanical Garden

West of the Church of Our Lady, Vesterbrogade borders the Botanical Garden (Botanisk Have), where in summer entertainment is provided for children and adults. There also are hothouses with subtropical plants from all over the world.

Den Gamle By

More than 75 buildings representing Danish life between the 16th and 19th centuries have been perfectly recreated in this open-air museum, which is one of Aarhus’ top attractions. The emphasis here is on the rural life of Danes. Authentic workshops include bookbinders, hatters and other craftsmen. Other buildings such as a pharmacy, school and a post office add to the realism of the complex. Common household artefacts are on display in the museum, which is near the working restaurant, bakery and beer cellar. Music concerts are staged here throughout the summer to add to the fun.


About 1 km/1,100 yd from the village of Rønde on Kalo Bay north of Århus a little road branches off on the left to Thorsager, the site of Jutland's only surviving round church, part of which dates from 1200. It is two-storied, with the vaulting of the lower story being supported on four columns. The upper story, reached by a winding staircase, was probably used as a gallery for the local nobility. Note the 1525 crucifix.

Right Time to Visit

May - September


July - August -> 17(°C) - Summer
January - January -> 0(°C) - Spring


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