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By Air

Cimber Sterling, Norwegian and SAS have flights from Copenhagen to Aalborg, while Cimber Sterling and Norwegian also offer international direct flights from European cities. The airport is located north of the city. Take Bus no 2 or a taxi (very expensive!) to town. The bus is infrequent on weekends and evenings, and stops the service rather early (around 23:00). If you arrive very late, have little luggage and small budget, you can walk 2km until the Lindholm train station. Bus or train to the center should be still available after midnight.

By Bus

Aalborg Busterminal on John F Kennedy Plads (The John F Kennedy square, phone: 98 12 87 13) right by the station is a large regional hub for long distance, regional and local buses. Express buses (XBus) leaves several times per day towards Aarhus (via Hadsund), Logstor, Holstebro, Viborg (via Silkeborg) and Esbjerg. In addition regional buses (locally known as rutebil) connects to nearly every city of some size in North Eastern Jutland.

By Ferry

There are ferries from Norway/Sweden/UK coming to North Jutland (Hirtshals or Frederikshavn). From there you can take bus or train to Aalborg.

Key places to visit
Jens Bangs Stenhus, St Botolph Church, North Jutland Museum of Art, Rebild National Park, Zoological Garden


Places to Visit

Jens Bangs Stenhus

On stergade can be seen one of the town's most impressive buildings, known as Jens Bangs Stenhus, a beautiful mansion built in 1624 by the prosperous merchant Jens Bang, a lover of ostentation and grandeur. With its five stories it is the largest Renaissance mansion in Northern Europe. Built of brick, it has a roof with curved gables. The whole building is covered with sandstone ornamentation which shows a Dutch Renaissance influence. Although he was the richest man in Ålborg Jens Bang was never elected on to the town council. This rankled, and so he had a stone figure of himself built on the gable of the house with its tongue sticking out at the town hall.

St Botolph Church

In the center of the Old Town of Alborg lies Budolfi Square (Budolfi Plads), to the north of which in Algade stands St Botolph's Church (Sankt Budolfi Kirke), named after a British seafaring saint. The Gothic building, which has been altered on several occasions, was erected about 1430 when the remains of an old Romanesque church were incorporated into the new edifice. The helm of the tower (ca. 1780) of this whitewashed brick church retains the Baroque style, and the spire has been adopted as the town's symbol. The church was rebuilt in the first half of the 20th C. The carillon plays on the hour every hour between 9am and 10pm. In the vestibule of the church, formerly a Catholic chapel, can be seen some excellent frescoes. In the interior itself visitors can admire an impressive reredos and a carved pulpit (1689-92, by Laurids Jensen), a marble tablet and - in the northern aisle - a Renaissance gallery with illustrations of the Ten Commandants. In the south aisle are representations of the Way of the Cross and inscriptions with the names of men who held important positions in Ålborg in 1650.

 North Jutland Museum of Art

 At Kong Christians Allé 50 in Alborg stands the impressive building of the North Jutland Museum of Art (Nordjyllands Kunstmuseet), built in 1968-72 to plans by the Finish architects Elissa and Alva Aalto and the Dane Jean Jaques Baruël. The museum consists of a complex of various shapes and includes an amphitheater, a sculpture park and function rooms, including a concert hall. The principal exhibits are composed of post-1890 Danish paintings and 20th century foreign art. The main emphasis is on the works of the COBRA group, founded in 1948 and named after the initial letters of the towns Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam. The group was made up of Danish, Dutch and Belgian painters, including Asgar Jorn and Karl Appel.

Rebild National Park

27 km/17mi south of Alborg on the E3 road in an area of heathland lie the charming Rebild Hills (Rebild Bakker), declared a National Park at the request of Danish Americans; celebrations are held here annually on July 4 to mark American Independence Day. At the entrance to the park are a restaurant and a local history and minstrel museum. In the park can be seen a replica of Lincoln's Log Cabin, built in 1934 with logs from America, which is now a Museum of Emigration.

On a hill to the northeast stands the Cimbrerstenen, a rock with the carved figure of a bull and the inscription "Cimbrerne drog ut fra disse egne" ("The Cimbri set out from this area").

Zoological Garden

The Mollepark is a large park offering an extensive view of Alborg and the island of Egholm (Limfjord). In the park can be seen the sculpture Noah's Ark  by Roda Reilinger. Alborg's Zoological Gardens within the park boast 800 animals from all over the world, including African elephants, monkeys, Rothschild giraffes and South American marsh beavers. There is also a sea-lion and penguin layout in which the animals can be observed under water through a panoramic window.

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July - August -> 20(°C) - Summer
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