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Uttar Pradesh
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Bara Imambara, Chota Imambara, The Residency, Rumi Darwaza, SiKandar Bagh, Global Park, Lucknow Market


Places to Visit

Bara Imambara – built by Asaf-ud-Daula in the year 1784, this magnificent structure is one of the major tourist attractions of Lucknow. It is said that the project was started in order to provide employment to thousands of hapless workers during a great famine. The Imambara is a Shiite religious building, and serves as the venue of religious gatherings during Muharram and other significant occasions of the Shia religion. The biggest attraction of this building complex is the Bhulbhulaiya, a maze with confusing passages. Tourists are deliberately left by the guides to find their way out of this maze. The place is said to have been used for the recreation of the royalty. A splendid mosque is located in the complex.



Chota Imambara – the smaller Imambara, as the name literally translates to, was built in 1837, and is said to be the brainchild of Mohammed Ali Shah. The complex contains many tombs, said to be those of Mohammad Ali Shah and his family members. The main building of this Imambara is topped by a golden dome, which when illuminated during festivities, offers a fantastic view. This complex is also known by the name of Husainabad Imambara.

The Residency – the Residency is a group of British buildings that used to serve as the headquarters of the British Resident in the state of Oudh, or Awadh as the region around Lucknow was known back in early 19th century. The complex was attacked by the mutineers during the 1857 revolt, and taken over by the Indian soldiers. The Residency is situated at the centre of the city, in the Hazratgunj area.

Rumi Darwaza – this beautiful structure is also said to be part of the famine relief plans for which the bara imambara was commissioned. Built in 1783, this gigantic gate soars top 60 feet, and is one of the famous landmarks of the city. The gateway is located to the Northwest of the Bara Imambara.

Sikandar Bagh – this garden was laid in 1800 by Nawab Saadat Ali Khan and was later used by the last Nawab of Oudh, Wajid Ali Shah. The name is derived from his favorite queen, Sikandara Mahal Begum. The garden, with a small pavilion in the middle, served as the venue for cultural events and dance performances. During the 1857 revolt, the mutineers took refuge here, and about 2000 of them were reportedly slaughtered by the British.

Some other tourist spots make up the overall tourism in Lucknow and should be visited as part of the Lucknow tours. The other places to visit in the city include Chattar manzil,Qaiser bagh palace, La Martiniere College, State Museum and Aurangzeb’s mosque.


Right Time to Visit

October - March