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By Flight

The only flight available now is from Medan, Indonesia provided by Merpati Airline.

By Train

Great news: the KL to Ipoh double track train service started on 1st December 2008!

Before this, there is only a daily conventional train service from Kuala Lumpur KTM station to Ipoh railway station, which departs at 8.45pm and arrives at 1.05am.

But now, the new Express Shuttle Train Service is available for you to travel within KL and Ipoh. It's more convenient with more frequent train schedule. 5 shuttle services a day from Ipoh and also KL.

Furthermore, you can reach Ipoh faster too because the journey has shorten to about 3 hours only. This is about the same time consumed by bus.

By Bus

Bus service provided straightaway from KLIA to Ipoh by a company called YoYo. This really saves you a lot of time since you escaped yourself from any traffic jam possibilities in the Kuala Lumpur city. After about 3 and a half hours drive, the bus will stop at the terminal at Jalan Bercham, Ipoh.

By Taxi

After you reach KLIA, you can take a taxi straightaway to Ipoh too. It's about 3 hours drive to reach Ipoh.

Getting to Ipoh by taxi is one of the fastest ways. There is no need to get back into the traffic-jammed KL city for bus/train transit. However, it's expensive.

Key places to visit
Limestone Cave Temples, Darul Ridzuan Museum., Lagoon Theme Park, Perak Tong


Places to Visit

Limestone Cave Temples...

Most of the hills around Ipoh are limestone hills.

Do you know about the stalagmites and stalactites? They are basically special-shaped mineral forms that often found in limestone caves.

A stalactite is an icicle-shaped mass of calcite attached to the roof of a limestone cavern while stalagmites grow upwards from the cave floor and can be conical, fir-cone-shaped, or resemble a stack of saucers.

Growing stalactites and stalagmites often meet each other to form solid pillars. The presence of impurities gives colors to stalagmites and stalactites. These natural arts have made limestone caves one of the tourist attractions in Ipoh.

Moreover, these limestone caves are not barely a cave, but are cave temples!

Threes main limestone cave temples in the city are Perak Tong, Sam Poh Tong and Kek Lok Tong. For your information, "Tong" means 'cave' in Chinese.

Ipoh, same as the other states in Malaysia, had been conquered by the British before Malaysia declares its independence at 31st August 1957.

Till now, it is still having quite a number of buildings standing in the city with the combination of local and western architecture art.

For instance, the Ipoh Railway Station, Birch Memorial Clock Tower etc.

If you are with kids, taking them to the museum is always a good idea. Furthermore, there is free entrance to the Darul Ridzuan Museum.

Darul Ridzuan Museum.

If you are one of the visitors who wish to learn about the local history, then the Darul Ridzuan Museum is waiting you at Jalan Panglima, Bukit Gantang Wahab with free entrance.

After you've visited the museum, you should have known about the history of Ipoh's expansion and development, the mining industry and also the forestry.

Although the museum was opened on 18th Aug 1992, it was actually reaching 100 years old. So, you see, the museum itself is a piece of history collection.

Originally, the building was occupied by Malay dignitaries in the Kinta District. But then, the British took over the building after they conquered the state of Perak and furnished it with a few fortresses around the building as war shelters.

Nowadays, they have become a memory of the war and you can admire the architecture art of the fortresses by visiting one of them.
Visiting Hours:
Everyday - 9.30am to 5.00pm
Closed on Friday from 12.15 noon to 2.45pm for praying time.
Entrance Fees:Free of charge

Lagoon Theme Park...

A new tourist attraction in Ipoh. It is the first water theme park in Ipoh.

Have you ever heard of or been to KL Sunway Lagoon theme park? This is sort of its branch in Ipoh. Another Sunway Lagoon theme park that located at Tambun, Ipoh instead.

Perak Tong

Perak Tong temple nestles within the huge limestone caves of “Gunung Tasek” (Tasek Hill), 6 km to the north of lpoh. The temple in the cave built in 1926 by a Buddhist priest from China and it houses over 40 Buddha. Beyond the main altar, a passage leads into the cave's interior.

No doubt that the first thing to do in a limestone cave is to admire the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites formed in various shapes naturally. Secondly, you should take a look at walls inside the cave, as there are drawings and writings on it. These drawings are about the stories of Buddha.

As this is a cave temple, for sure that you may have a pray if you are a Buddhist.

There is Chinese fortune teller too. It's kind of fun to get to know about your passed life, no matter you do believe or not. Hehe.

Here comes one of the favorite activity at Perak Tong - cave climbing!

everybody like to climb to the peak to enjoy the scenery of Ipoh and fresh air. It's a good exercise too.

After a steep climb of 385 steps, the cave opens again to reveal a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. I think this is the best spot for you to take a great view of almost the whole Ipoh. It is really a good reward after some tiring climbing.

But, it seems like many people get tricked and didn't manage to get to the peak. For your information, you'll have to climb through the steps of a building at the halfway, which many people mistaken it as the peak, in order to get to the 'real' peak.

You can enjoy the nature along the way to the peak too. There are rest stands and small garden.

Right Time to Visit

January - December