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Amritsar is connected to all major cities of india by a fine network of railways, roadways and airways.

Key places to visit
Gandhi Gate, Hall Bazaar, Town Hall, Company Bagh, Pul Kanjari


Places to Visit

Gandhi Gate is also known as Hall Gate. It is an entry point to the Hall Bazaar. The gate has a clock and signboard with an inscription "Amritsar - Sifti Da Ghar". The style of the gate reminds one of the Maharajas type gates built during Mughal era.

Hall bazaar is a prime shopping complex in Amritsar. While walking through the bazaar you will encounter electronics shops, watches shops, readymade garments shops and bookshops.

Town hall is a pink colored building and office of Municipal Corporation of Amritsar at the end of Hall Bazaar.

Company Bagh is a garden with swings and a fountain. At nighttime many people visit the park to enjoy eating in cool atmosphere and have a view of illumined park.

Pul Kanjari is situated near the villages of Daoka and Dhanoa Kalan on the Wagah border. Maharaja Ranjit Singh built it for his rest and leisure. There is a ruined Fort, and a baoli (a bathing pool), has a temple, a Gurudwara and a mosque. With floral frames there are a number of scenes and sights from the Hindu scriptures and the Raj Darbar at the inside dome of Baoli.

Right Time to Visit

October - March