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By Train

Every half an hour trains from Zurich or Lucerne. Also easily reachable from the Canton of Ticino.

Key places to visit
The Old Town, Sunset on Zugersee, Zug, Zugersee, and Rigi, The "Burg" in Zug


Places to Visit

The Old Town, Blick durch die Oberaltstadt in Zug, Schweiz View into the oldtown of Zug, Switzerland.

Sunset on Zugersee, I was late at the lake. Too late to take a decent picture. Yet placing a camera on a bench and making long exposure paid itself off.

Zug, Zugersee, and Rigi, View of the old town (Altstadt) of Zug; the Rigi is in the background. Zug was first mentioned in 1092 and built into a city by the counts of Kyburg in the 12th century. In 1242, it was elevated to the rank of a city. In 1273, property rights were transferred to the house of Habsburg, but Zug joined the Swiss Confederation in 1352, de facto ending the Habsburg rule. In 1435, an entire row of houses (in front of the row you can see in this picture) sank into the lake.

The "Burg" in Zug, This medieval castle does not have a name; it is just called "Burg." It is the oldest building in the city of Zug. The beginnings of the castle settlement go back to the 11th century. Around 1200 the Counts of Kyburg built the tower. It served as fortified seat of administration for the rulers of the city, particularly the counts of Kyburg--who founded the city in the early 13th century--and the counts of Habsburg, before Zug joined the Swiss Confederation in 1352. After that, it served as residence for local patricians.


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