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Zhytomyr Oblast
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By Train

Zhitomir station connect Zhitomir cargo hub station first class Korosten Directorate South-Western Railway.11 July 1896, the movement started narrow-gauge railroad Berdichev - Zhitomir.Then was built the first wooden building station.In 1914 he built a new building station (the building is preserved).That same year replaced by a narrow circle wide and in 1915 the railway carried to New Places.In 2010 started the electrification of the direction Fast - Zhytomyr - Novograd Volyn for allotment here for freight trains unloading station Fast I - I Kozyatyn.23 August 2011, the open movement of trains on routes Zhytomyr - Fast I and Zhytomyr - Kyiv Paz.

By Bus

The city has two bus stations, which connect it with many towns and villages of the region, Ukraine and abroad.15 bridges and road junctions built on the rivers and highways of the city, a 30-km ring road around the "Great Zhytomyr".Even in 1899 the year - one of the first in Ukraine - Zhytomyr started tram movement.Since 1962 year trolley.At the time of domination of thought that streetcar - poor form of transport, the number of tram routes gradually reduced to one.The number of trolley bus routes at the beginning of 2008 year reached 19, but according to the decision miskvykokomu on 27 March 2008, the trolley bus routes were optimized and their number decreased to 11 (including the version with the same numbers, but with many additional letters).Every year in the city trams and trolley buses carrying nearly 40 million passengers.Length of route electric reaches 125 kilometers.

By Road

The city stands at an important historical long way from Kyiv to the West - Brest - Litovsk.Now is the road of European importance Calais - Ridder.The city also held road Minsk - Ishmael and local - in Khmelnitsky, Skvyra.

Key places to visit
Ivan Poker Drama Theatre, Zhytomyr Regional Puppet Theater, Zhitomir Historical Museum, Zhytomyr Regional Literature Museum, Sergei Korolyov Museum of Cosmonautics, St. Michael's Cathedral


Places to Visit

Ivan Poker Drama Theatre

is a Regional Ukrainian Music and Drama in Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr home theater scene.Theatre is located in a special room in the consolidated center of the city (the central square) Zhitomir at pl. Cathedral, 6 Zhitomir-10000 Ukraine.Great functional structure of the theater has a large and small audiences, rehearsal and office space.Zhitomir has a long theatrical tradition.At the end of XVIII century the city public has repeatedly raised questions about the construction of facilities for inpatient theater.The city became one of the few who have been in the early nineteenth century there were theaters - already in 1809 in Zhitomir was built first stationary theater building on the initiative of Volyn Governor M. I. Kamburleya.In 1858 was built the first stone theater in Ukraine, which today is an ornament of architecture in the city (now it contains the Regional State Philharmonic ).This premise, in particular, remembers famous actors M. Kropivnitskogo, M. Zankovetska, V. Komisarzhevsku, A. Olaridzha, P. Viardot which is listened to an outstanding writer Ivan Turgenev.

Zhytomyr Regional Puppet Theater

Theatre located in the historic center of Zhitomir in the pedestrian area at str. Michael, 7, Zhitomir-10014 Ukraine.The date of formation of Zhytomyr puppetry is 1 December 1934, when the city at the Drama Theatre transportable oblprofrady was organized only in the field of puppet theater. Theatre was established under the leadership of actress Z.O. Pihulovych. In repertory was already known and popular at the time children play "George-sweep".Today the repertoire of Zhytomyr Academic Puppet Theater over 30 plays, most of which put on the best works of Ukrainian and foreign classics.12 November 2007, the Zhytomyr Oblast Puppet Theater Order of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine was given the honorary title of academic.The new status of the institution has merit team and its creative possibilities at the state level.Since 1996 the Zhytomyr puppet heads Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Vitaliy D. Streltsov.

Zhitomir Historical Museum

is a Museum in Zhitomir, Ukraine.As a branch-office includes a number of other museum institutions of the regional center and the region.The property is located in the center of the city of Zhitomir, while in a quiet park, at Pl. Castle, house. 1, Zhytomyr, 10014, Ukraine.Zhitomir Museum originates from established in October 1865 , the museum at the Russian public library in Zhitomir . The basis was the last private collection mistsekyh rocks and minerals Volyn Governor M. Chertkov, presented to the library and put up for exhibition on the day of its opening.In the early 1900's collection of this institution transferred to the newly formed Museum Society researchers Volhynia. In developing its activities and collections replenishing active participation of well-known scientists - members of society, including its vice-chairman Paul Tutkovsky.Since 1911, the museum is known as the Central Museum of Volyn.From 1914 a year as an independent institution its first head was S. Brzhozovskyy.

Zhytomyr Regional Literature Museum

founded on December 4 1990 in the city of Zhitomir.Since 2001 the museum is located in a two-storey house on the Kiev 45, built in 1907, opera singer Clara Bruno who stood with Shalyapin, Sobinov and between the European tour visited by in Zhitomir.This house is one of the latest in modern designs in the architectural solution.Sophisticated modeling on the facade and ceilings and especially incredible, the only full Zhytomyr majolica stove with gilt show of wealth and refined aesthetic tastes of the former owners.Museum staff engaged in research acquisition aimed at preserving the moving monuments of literary and artistic life.The museum contains about 5000 items of museum value of things.The museum conducts research the life and activity in the Zhytomyr -known writers and artists. Science museum staff have authored books and articles on writers Zhytomyr and those writers and cultural figures whose lives have been linked to Zhytomyr.In the museum there are 14 employees, 6 of them are engaged in scientific work.The exposition is open from 10.00 to 18.00 except Saturday and Sunday. An excursion.

Sergei Korolyov Museum of Cosmonautics

In 1970 he opened a memorial house-museum of academician Sergei Pavlovich Korolev.And in 1987 - Museum of Cosmonautics named Sergei Pavlovich Korolev.In 1987 construction was completed a special building for the exhibition "space", which was opened on 1 June 1991.In the center of the exposition in the basin with water, symbolizing life, placed the Bible - a symbol of wisdom.The exhibition provided a unique collection of space vehicles, equipment, equipment astronauts, as well as documents, photographs, souvenirs from the space theme.Themed museum complex consists of items relating to the development of astronautics in Ukraine.In 1987 the museum became an independent museum and received the name - Astronautics Museum in Zhytomyr.SP Korolev.Many materials, documents and personal items donated to the museum gift his mother - M. M. Balanyna daughter - N. S. Korolev, wife - N. I. Queen, his friends, colleagues and others.

St. Michael's Cathedral

is the architectural monument of local importance and the temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate in the city of Zhitomir.St. Michael's Cathedral was built in 1856 the at the expense of Zhytomyr merchant Michael Habotina.In the mid 19th century in the vast majority of Orthodox churches were wooden, stone church was only Svyatoyakovlevskomu cemetery.At the same time only a stone Roman Catholic churches were four.Zhytomyr merchant Michael Habotin began to build their own funds for Orthodox parishioners Orthodox church.According to the Habotina new cathedral should not have been subject to a local spiritual and secular power.Actually the construction of buildings completed the financial troubles of the founder.After all, the total expenditure on house made a huge amount - about 37,000 rubles.This is almost twice higher than the annual budget of Zhitomir, which in those years ranged within 20 - 21 thousand rubles.But despite everything, benefactor paid his counsel and in 1856, the St. Michael's Cathedral was consecrated.

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