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By Car

Probably the best way to reach Zermatt is by train, since you won't be able to drive once you get there anyway. Around half of the trains are operated by a private company, but the tickets are available through the Swiss Federal Railway. For a holiday to a specific destination the cheapest option is most likely a Swiss Transfer Ticket. In general rail passes are valid on the train, but there is a surcharge.

By Train

Private cars can only drive as far as Täsch. The last 7 km must be travelled by train or by taxi. In winter it is necessary to reserve your parking space well in advance (tel: +41 27 967 33 66). List of park & ride companies.

By Air

If it's in line with your budget Air Zermatt  will fly you in from major airports around.

It's also possible to book a airport transfer by limousine or van to get to Zermatt.

Key places to visit
Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, ES - European Snowsport


Places to Visit

Breithorn The "Breithorn" (4150 m) is the easiest 4000er of the Alps. Using the lifts "Furri" (1700 m), "Trockener Steg"(2800 m), "kleines Matterhorn" (3883 m) you reach the top of the little Matterhorn. Go down to the "Theodul-Gletscher" and follow the trail to left on the Breithorn. The top of the Breithorn can be reached after 2 h walking (no climbing!). A rope is necessary and a mountain guide is recommended. You should not start the tour from the little Matterhorn after 10:00 in the morning, because the snow gets too weak and you will not reach the last lift down to Zermatt in time. The Glacier Paradise (Klein Matterhorn) ski area is at 3850m (3899m when the additional summer season drag lift is open).

Matterhorn The "Matterhorn" (4478 m) can be climbed by experienced mountaineers. The usual pattern of ascent is to take the Schwarzsee cable car up from Zermatt, hike up to the Hörnli Hut elev. 3,260 m (10,700 ft), a large stone building at the base of the main ridge, and spend the night. The next day, climbers rise at 3:30 am so as to reach the summit and descend before the regular afternoon clouds and storms come in. The cost is approx.

Monte Rosa "Monte Rosa" (Dufourspitze) (4634 m) is the culminating point of Switzerland. The starting point is Monte Rosa hut at 2795m. The climb requires excellent physical condition, experience in climbing with crampons and prior acclimatisation to the altitude.

ES - European Snowsport - Zermatt Ski School (ES), CO Azzurra Sport (Left at the church over the bridge sports shop on the right),  8 a.m. - 7 p.m.. Zermatt Ski School and Snowboard School

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