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By plane

Korean Air and Asiana Air fly between Yeosu Airport and Gimpo Airport up to 8 times a day and it takes 1 hour. Korean Air also has flight between Yeosu and Jeju on Friday and Sunday. The airport has information desk, convenience store, restaurant, snack bar and rent car office. There are buses to various parts of the city but taxi is cheap and more convenient. It can take up to 1 hour to the downtown(shinae) of Yeosu by car.

By bus

The express bus terminal is connected to most bus routes across Korea. From Yeosu, it takes 5 hours 30 minutes to Seoul(Central City terminal) and 2 hours to Gwangju, former capital of South Jeolla. There are 2 main terminals- one in the middle of the city and one in the Yeocheon neighborhood on the west end of the city. There is a minor terminal in Deogyang neighborhood in the north.

By train

Yeosu has two train stations. The main station is called Yeosu Station yeosuyeok which is the southernmost station of Honam line and one stop before that there is smaller Yeocheon Station yeocheonyeok. Check Korail website for schedule, to check fare or to book tickets
The high-speed train KTX will start service to Yeosu as early as September 2011. A trip from Seoul to Yeosu will take about three hours and 20 minutes.

Key places to visit
Hyangiram Hermitage , Replica turtle ship, Dolsan bridge, Jinnamgwan, Manseongri Black Sand Beach


Places to Visit

Hyangiram Hermitage  

A beautiful temple-like hermitage with views of the sea and the scattered islands that make up Yeosu Peninsula. The hermitage itself is located up the sides of a cliff and the entire complex is connected by a series of very thin trails winding their way through tight caves and under twisted evergreen foliage. Rather claustrophobic, but unique making it one of Yeosu's must-see attractions. The symbol of the hermitage is the turtle, after the distinctive natural hexagonal pattern on the rocks resembling a turtle's shell. In accordance with this, the monks have crafted a veritable army of adorable little stone turtles large enough to perhaps take down Yeosu itself, should they so desire. Lies in a corner of the islands designated as a national park.

Replica turtle ship

A full-sized replica of one of Admiral Yi's famed turtle ships. You can have a wander around the inside which is stuffed to the brim with some decidedly seasick looking mannequins acting out their daily routine. Situated just south of Dolsan bridge.

Dolsan bridge

Dolsan bridge is a beautiful bridge with changing lights at night and lots of seafood restaurants and romantic cafes around the area. Good place to see Yeosu's famed nightview. For even more striking nightview, climb up to Dolsan Park when you cross the bridge.


Jinnamgwan Korea's largest single-storey wooden pavillion. Has a small museum attached. About 100m up the hill from the plaza beside the harbour. Free

Manseongri Black Sand Beach

As the only black sand beach in Korea, Manseongri is the liveliest beach in Yeosu with lots of restaurants and cafes along the beach. Along the coast line between Manseongri and Yeosu train station is located Marae Tunnel, the only natural rock tunnel in Korea.

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