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By plane

The Lencero Airport is a very small airport. It is situated outside the city but it is used only for helicopters and very small planes. The closest airport is the Veracruz international airport. It's about 2 hours from Xalapa.

By train

There are no passenger trains in 99% of Mexico since January of 2000. The only important exception is Chihuahua Pacifico betwen Chihuahua and Los Mochis.

By bus

Almost-hourly buses go from Mexico City to Xalapa in several bus lines (ADO, AU), departing from TAPO station. The trip takes 4 hours aproximately.

Key places to visit
The Watercress Park, Francisco Javier Clavigero Botanical Garden, Xalapa Museum of Anthropology, Calvary Church, City Hall, Juarez Park, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception


Places to Visit

The Watercress Park

The Watercress Park in the city of Xalapa , Veracruz , is within walking distacia southeast of downtown, near the Stadium Xalapa.The park was designed for this use since the time of the Viceroyalty of New Spain . It is named in their fields to grow watercress , edible plant that occurs in marshy places.

Francisco Javier Clavigero Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is Francisco Javier Clavigero botanical garden of 38 acres total of which 30 are forest preserved in an old plantation of coffee and 8 botanical exhibitions themselves. It is near Xalapa in the state capital of Veracruz , Mexico . It is administered by the State Government, the municipality and the Institute of Ecology .

Xalapa Museum of Anthropology

The Museum of Anthropology in Xalapa , also known by its acronym, MAX, is the second museum grounds largest Mexico after the National Museum of Anthropology in Chapultepec.In all these areas is the second largest collection in the world of pre-Columbian art of Mesoamerica about 2,500 pieces, mainly from the cultures Olmec , Totonac and Huasteca , among other peoples of the Gulf of Mexico , as well as an extensive exhibition on the ethnography of Indigenous current state of Veracruz .

Calvary Church

Built in the mid-eighteenth century as a temple commemorating the Passion on Golgotha, dating back to the establishment of a chapel in 1564. Construction in 1805 was rebuilt and again in 1826 in Baroque style, with a body cover and top. Access arch flanked by fluted columns paired, Tuscan capital and base between columns. Cornice slightly moved, coral top with bow window mixtilineal, flanked by columns and a scallop top and pedestal simulating a niche adorned with volutes and gargoyles at the ends.

City Hall

Just north of Parque Juarez, although the facade Neoclassical , this building was not built until the mid twentieth century when it was decided that the City Council of the city would not share more than the west of the Palace of Government.

Juarez Park

Juarez Park is a park city public Xalapa in the state of Veracruz , Mexico , opened in 1892 and named in honor of Benito Juarez .The park is located in the historic center of Xalapa, on a terrace to the west of the Palace of Government, a few steps of City Hall and the Cathedral.In that place was the Convent of San Francisco whose construction was initiated (1534) in times of Hernan Cortes , ending in 1556, was the second convent built in Mexico. Its ruins were demolished in 1889 to build the park.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Presents a facade neo-Gothic facade attached to the original Baroque . The west tower was never completed due to problems with his foundation. In the area between the cathedral, the former convent of San Francisco, (now City Hall) and the park Juarez, there are tunnels that were not caused just by the water flow, but to historians, were dug on the basis of tenacity, time and effort by the monks and nuns in the convent to communicate with the Cathedral without being seen. It is said that it was possible the existence of a tunnel from the cathedral and the church of Hearts, both with each unfinished tower, which is thought could be a sign for the old monks in time of the conquest.

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February - April
June - July