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North Rhine-Westphalia
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By Air

There is no airport in Wuppertal.The closest airports are the Dusseldorf or the Cologne/Bonn airports.

By Train

The rail services that operate on the mainline through the valley are the RE 4 (Wupper-Express), RE 7 (Rhein-Munsterland-Express), RE 13 (Maas-Wupper-Express), RB 47 (Der Mungstener), RB 48 (Rhein-Wupper Bahn) and three Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn services: the S 8, S 9 and S 68 (peak hours only). Every 30 minutes, it is served by an Intercity-Express (or InterCity, EuroCity or City Night Line) services in each direction.Wuppertal is well connected to the rail network.The town lies on the Cologne–Hagen and the Dusseldorf–Hagen railway lines and is a stop for long-distance traffic.The central station is located in the district of Elberfeld. Regionalbahn trains and some Regional-Express trains also stop at Oberbarmen, Barmen, Ronsdorf and Vohwinkel.

Key places to visit
Wuppertal Zoo, Museum fur Fruhindustrialisierung, Wuppertaler Theater, Von der Heydt Museum


Places to Visit

Wuppertal Zoo

is a zoo in the German city of Wuppertal. About 5,000 animals from about 500 species from all continents live on the park's 20 ha areal. Some of the more prominent examples are apes, monkeys, bears, great cats and elephants, though there are also a number of birds, reptiles and fish.The zoo lies in the western part of Wuppertal on the so called "Boltenberg" between Elberfeld and Vohwinkel. When the new lion/tiger enclosure is finished it will have an area of about 24 ha.Public transport is available in the immediate vicinity. The Wuppertaler Schwebebahn and the S-Bahn Wuppertal (S8, S9) have stations close by. Arriving by car via the Autobahn 46 is possible but not recommended, since parking lots are in very short supply.

Museum fur Fruhindustrialisierung

Even though it costs money to get in (€4 for adults), it's worth a visit because they let one help operate one of the antique machines.The signs are only in German, so if you don't speak it, you might want to bring a native speaker or see ahead of time whether they have audio tours, or English speakers working at the museum.

Wuppertaler Theater

A performance by the Pina Bausch dance company.Since the late choreographer Pina Bausch (1940-2009) came from Wuppertal, her troupe often stops by in the city to show her work. Performances are held most of the time in he Wuppertaler Theater.

Von der Heydt Museum

an important art gallery with works by 19th and 20th century artists.The first of Picasso’s works that ever appeared in public was displayed here.

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