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Western Valley

Luxor governorate
Western Valley
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By Taxi

The Western Valley is accessed by a winding dirt and stone road that begins at the car park of the Valley of the Kings. Visitors must walk for some 2 km between massive boulders, under towering rock cliffs, in order to reach the tombs; although some taxis will take you all the way into the valley. The road is not suitable for cycling. Check at the ticket office for the status of the tombs (open / closed) before entering the Valley. You can sometimes also negotiate with a main Valley tomb guard at the entrance to accompany you and open the tombs - he will definitely expect a respectable baksheesh in these circumstances (try to negotiate beforehand in order to avoid later embarrassment).

Key places to visit
Tomb of Amenhotep III, Tomb of Ay


Places to Visit

Tomb of Amenhotep III

currently closed to public view while a Japanese expedition undertakes cleaning and conservation work .

Tomb of Ay

currently open to public view - the tomb dates from the very end of the 18th Dynasty and is the burial place of the vizier (chief minister) Ay who gained the throne after the extinction of the line of succession within the ruling 18th Dynasty family of pharaohs. As such, WV23 was the last tomb to be established in the valley. Scenes from the tomb decoration, bearing close resemblance to the style seen in the tomb of Tutankhamun (Ay's predecessor), include a depiction of Ay hunting in the marshes (unique amongst royal depictions in the Theban necropolis) and an assemblage of of twelve baboons.


Right Time to Visit

February - April
August - November