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By Air

Airports nearest to Wadenswil are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Housen Am Albis Airport (distanced approximately 11 km)
Wangen/Lachen Airport (distanced approximately 16 km)
Speck Airport (distanced approximately 18 km)
Dubendorf Airport (distanced approximately 18 km)
Zurich Airport (distanced approximately 27 km)

By Train

Wadenswil railway station is a stop of the Zurich S-Bahn on the lines S2, S8 and S13 on the SBB-CFF-FFS InterRegio.Its train station is a 29 minute (S8) ride from Zurich Hauptbahnhof.

By Bus

The Zimmerberg bus line (Zimmerbergbus), provided by the Sihltal Zurich Uetliberg Bahn (SZU), connects the Zimmerberg region and parts of the Sihl valley.

Key places to visit
Wadenswil Castle, Reformed Church Wadenswil, St.Mary's Catholic Church, Ticino Theater, Old Wadenswil


Places to Visit

Wadenswil Castle

The castle stands on a hill Wadenswil on the territory of the municipality Wadenswil, in the canton of Zurich.To the park include the Arboretum woodland garden, situated on the slope below the castle.The oldest trees in the 10,000 square foot facility are from the year 1836.In 1895 the collection had already been to more than 500 tree and shrub species.Because the botany has lost its significance in science and research is no longer in the Arboretum, the plant since 1987 no longer dendrologically care.Exponents of the city Wadenswil, Agroscope and ZHAW have founded the club in 2008 Land Art in the park.The association wants to revive the woodland garden again.

Reformed Church Wadenswil

is a cross church of the late Baroque and the main work of the architect Johann Ulrich Grubenmann It is a listed building and is known for its unusual roof structure is known.Is on the church hill in Wadenswil since the 12th Century a church established.Extended the 1638 Romanesque church turned out to mid-18th Century as too small for the congregation.1763 was Teufener builder and bridge builder Johann Ulrich man from the pit Wadenswiler halt the contract to build a new church.In the years 1764 to 1767 the new church's plans to mine and erected on the sale of Kirchenortern (seats) financed.The remarkable thing about mine's construction is the bridge-like roof structure, thanks to which the column-free roof over the 21 x 36 meter area measured in twelve meters was possible.

St.Mary's Catholic Church

The nave of St.Mary's Catholic Church was 1896-97 to plans by August Hardegger in the Romanesque Revival style built.The renovations of the main portal through Xaver Ruckstuhl 1959 and 1972/73 of the interior gave the church its present appearance.An artistic attraction is the cast in bronze Stations of the Cross by Susana Polac from the year 1995.

Ticino Theater

2003 Wadenswil has the refurbished theater Ticino and the castle-Cinéma nationally significant cultural institutions.In addition, numerous cultural events are founded in 1790 as the Reading Society and the Historical Society Wadenswil operates.The best-known theater groups are the National Theatre Wadenswil the senior Etzel theater stage and the theater group stage is set.Tradition the Fair each end of August the largest parish fairs is one of the region.The best-known personalities from Wadenswil is the landscape painter Johann Gottfried Steffan (1815-1905).The Landi-chair of Hans Coray was developed in 1939 in Wadenswil.

Old Wadenswil

The Alt-Wadenswil is a ruined castle on a hill west of the station Burghalden of Swiss Southeastern Railway in the field of community Richterswil in the canton of Zurich.After the Reformation, the Knights sold the 1549 Wadenswil rule with all the rights to the Canton of Zurich.Wadenswil, a bailiwick.For the governor from 1550 to 1555 the castle was built in Wadenswil.The castle was destroyed after a Diet decided in 1557 to be razed because of Schwyz felt threatened by the enlarged city-state of Zurich.1900 earned an initiative committee and founded the castle grounds in 1902, the Foundation for the Preservation of Old castle-Wadenswil.1901 to 1904 saw the first excavation work further from 1938 to 1941 and 1983 field seasons.

Right Time to Visit

February - June