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Vitebsk Oblast
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By Air

Vitebsk Vostochny Airport (also given as Vitebsk Southeast) (ICAO: UMII) is an airport in Belarus located 12 km southeast of Vitebsk.It accommodates small airliners up to the size of Tupolev Tu-154. Also can accommodate Il-76.While Belarus and Russia don't formally have a monitored border (i.e. you may hop on a train and get from one country to the other), train crew normally checks your passport before getting on the train to make sure you possess the visa.Gomel airport situated in Gomel, south Belarus, accepting flights from far abroad, might be a good connection to reach Vitebsk, however you need to verify that before planning your trip.

By Train

Vitebsk sits on the major train route from Minsk, capital of Belarus, to Saint Petersburg, Russia. Moscow is also easily accessible by train.Vitebsk also serves as a regional hub.

By Bus

Regular buses travel between Vitebsk and Minsk or Moscow, as well as to numerous other smaller regional towns.Buses to Lithuania and Latvia are also available."Route buses" or "marshrutka" from Minsk is a good way of transportation - they are fast, convinient and can often can drop you off nearby the hotel or the house in Vitebsk, which you point at.Getting to Riga takes about 11 hours by coach from Vitebsk.Getting to Moscow - around 9 hours, Saint Petersburg - around 12 hours, Kiev(Kyiv) - around 9 hours.Please consider that getting to places outside Belarus by coach can be time-consuming due to border controls.

Key places to visit
National Academic Dramatic Theatre, International Festival of Modern Choreography, Ratusha City Hall, Vitebsk State Technological University


Places to Visit

National Academic Dramatic Theatre

This company has seen considerable success internationally.It is especially notable for being one of the last two professional theatres in the world performing exclusively in the Belarusian language. Foreign travellers unable to understand Belarusian should not be afraid of attending a performance, however, given that much of the work directed by Artistic Director Vital Barkouski is both visually striking and frequently of such an avant garde nature that they can be appreciated without an understanding of the language.Traditional works with charismatic flair are frequently directed by Yuri Lizianhevich.

International Festival of Modern Choreography

which plays host to dance companies from around the world.Finally, Vitebsk is the home of the "Slaviansky Bazaar"a huge festival of music from across the Slavic-speaking world.It is hosted in a stunning amphitheatre near the center.Other cultural events and activities, such as exhibitions and traditional crafts also play a significant part in the festival, and guest theatre productions are hosted in the Yakub Kolas Theatre.

Ratusha City Hall

The Ratusha city hall, with its renowned clock tower, is a beautiful piece of 19th century architecture, as is St. Varvara's Catholic Church.The church of Alexander Nevsky, sitting on the River Dvina across ul. Zamkovaya from the Yakub Kolas Theatre is also a beautiful example of old wooden style Orthodox churches.

Vitebsk State Technological University

Vitebsk State Technological University is an entire academic-scientific-production complex, which trains specialists with higher education for the light industry and other branches of national economy, prepares highly qualified scientific personnel, provides qualification improvement and employees retraining in different spheres, implements fundamental and applied scientific research on broad aspects, manufactures light industry products, develops international cooperation with higher educational establishments and enterprises. The University provides the high level of professional training of specialists which is located in Vitebsk, Belarus.

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