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Vila Velha

Espirito Santo
Vila Velha
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By Air

Vitoria Airport (VIX) - also known as Eurico Salles Airport - in the capital city of Vitoria, is the closest airport to Vila Velha.It receives daily flights from most state capitals in the country.Among the main airlines serving the airport are TAM and Gol.A number of smaller carriers also serve the airport, including Azul, TEAM and TRIP.To get to the airport, catch bus line 507 direction Terminal Laranjeiras.From the airport, catch the same bus line 507, but with direction Terminal Ibes.

By Bus

Most urban buses pass by Terminal Vila Velha in the city center, including quite a few that cross to Vitoria.

Key places to visit
Homer Massena Museum, Convent of the Rock, Praia da Costa Beach, Jucu Bar, Valley Railway Museum, Morro do Moreno, Lighthouse of Santa Luzia, Itaparica Beach


Places to Visit

Homer Massena Museum

is a museum of the city of Vila Velha, Espirito Santo.Located in the house where the painter mining Massena Homer lived for 23 years, the museum was listed as heritage of the state.There can be found the artist's works as paintings and personal objects.Works in the house where he lived for 23 years mining the painter who settled in the land of Espirito Santo.One of the most distinguished painters of the state.This museum was listed by the heritage of the Holy Spirit.In its collection, many personal belongings of the artist.In Beira Mar, 273, Prainha de Vila Velha.

Convent of the Rock

Located in the oldest district of the city, the convent is one of the most beautiful and ancient buildings of Colonial Brazil and witness of great historical events and miraculous.It is the oldest Marian shrine in the country.Located 154 meters high, was built on a rock in 1558 by Fray Pedro Palacios.From the top one can see Old Town, Victoria and some neighboring counties.Penha is the patron saint of the Holy Spirit.In April, the faithful gather at the convent across the country to celebrate the Feast of the Rock.It tells the story, the convent was erected after the statue of the Virgin, brought from Portugal at the request of Brother Brother Pedro Palacios, gone out and found the Indians at the top of the cliff.Because the fact is repeated, the Franciscan friar Pedro Palacios decided to build it on the huge rock of difficult access.Today it is possible to do much of the route by car, but there is a relatively comfortable path paved with stones, to the faithful who usually pay their promises, or simply to complete the climb fans walk.At the base of the convent are found snack bars, souvenir shops, transport to rise and fall and telescopes that allow a better view around the coast of Victoria.

Praia da Costa Beach

is one of the most famous of the Holy Spirit and the busiest in the state, both for its natural beauty as its clear waters and Moreno Hill Tip of the Mermaid and its occupation by the urban upper middle class qualified.The beach is the most crowded, attractive and visited the Holy Spirit, because of its length (5 km) and the crystallinity of the water.Located in the municipality of Vila Velha and belonging to the neighborhood of the same name is bounded by Santa Luzia Lighthouse in the north and the beach Itapoa south.In its extension meets Itapua Beach to the south forming a single beach.The beach is completely urbanized and very busy and has a boardwalk,equipped with bike lane, 5km long.Throughout the day people are walking, running, gym, beach soccer, foot volleyball, volleyball, racquetball and take the family for a walk.In the morning go to bathe in clean and calm waters of the beach.At night there is a small fair in one of its ends, with stalls of snacks and sweets, handicrafts, paintings and books a good choice for a walk with friends or with partner.During the summer the movement grows even more, filling the border day and night.It also has a school for sailing.

Jucu Bar

is a neighborhood located in the municipality of Vila Velha, Espirito Santo, Brazil.Jucu Bar is a different resort in the municipality of Vila Velha, by their historical origins of religious and folk traditions guard (Congo is one of the local rhythms), with festivals and celebrations.It became a point of Surfing because of the quality of the waves near the bar, provided by the accumulation of alluvial material, good waves at a place called Coral Angle.The hill of the Shell, is a great place to see the beauty of the surroundings and see the setting of the sun which is very beautiful and exotic for those who are right across the black waters of the river Jucu, is unforgettable.

Valley Railway Museum

is a museum in the city of Vila Velha, Espirito Santo.It is situated in the old station Pedro Nolasco da railroad Vitoria - Minas, in the neighborhood of rings on the shores of Victoria Bay.Built in 1927, the old "St. Charles Station" was renamed Peter Nolasco 1935, after the engineer responsible for building the railroad Vitoria a Minas (EFVM).The Valley Museum was re-opened on October 15, 1998, a project being conducted by Companhia Vale do Rio Doce in partnership with the Royal Bank and is being maintained by it.Its eclectic architecture was preserved at the time of the restoration between 1996 and 1997.The steam locomotive, steam locomotive coming from Philadelphia (USA), was acquired in 1945 by Companhia Vale.Restored in 1997, still in perfect working order, as well as the composition of passenger car and wagon loads.The Valley Museum since its opening, has been presenting works of artists who belong to the history of national and international contemporary art.The shows are held at the Temporary Exhibition Room, located at the headquarters and warehouse for exhibition, a former warehouse loads adapted to large exposures.

Morro do Moreno

It has 274 meters high, has a place for fishing, hang gliding ramp, a source with mineral water, natural viewpoints, with thick virgin forest around; has three climbing routes: two in front of the third point is facing a Praia da Costa.Lined with a remnant of Atlantic Forest vegetation, where many people go to take pictures, make picnics or hiking.The hill is ideal for a walk with friends for morning or afternoon, the walk to the top does not last more than 20 minutes. Sunrise and sunset are much more beautiful seen from above. During the night is a very good place for a luau . During the New Year many people choose to see the fireworks that happens on the edge of the beaches of Old Town from the top of the hill, providing an even more beautiful.Children, young or old, people of all ages can go to the top and enjoy the beautiful images. The access to the hill can be done in two ways: the dirt, which can be faced by a 4x4 vehicle, walk and even mountain bike, or even in one of several possible paths, which can end up confusing.

Lighthouse of Santa Luzia

is located at the end of Praia da Costa, in Vila Velha, state of Espirito Santo in Brazil.Located in Old Town, right at the entrance of the Vitoria Bay, the Santa Luzia lighthouse was built at the request of Joao Mauricio Wanderley, Baron Cotegipe minister of war and empire in Glasgow (Scotland) in 1870 and brought for the location of (Vila Velha-ES) the engineer Zosima Barroso.It was started in 1871 when it was inaugurated by D. Peter II (1840-1889), aiming to direct vessels often transit to and from the ports of Vitoria, Vila Velha and Shark.The Lighthouse Santa Luzia measures 12 meters high and its light reaches 15 nautical miles.Works to date to guide navigation directed to the ports of Victoria, Capuaba, Vila Velha and Shark.To belong to the Port Authority, is the area of security.However, an agreement with the Department of Development Old Town made it possible opening to the public.The city of Vila Velha has interns on site to guide visitors.It is open to the public on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 9 am to 16h 30mim.

Itaparica Beach

is one of the beaches of the city of Vila Velha, state of Espirito Santo, Brazil.There are 5 km long. Part of the edge of town, continuing the Costa Beach and Beach Itapoa.The beach is slightly curved, with transparent waters and depth of 2 to 3 meters, with good coral to be explored with the dive, these corals that also offer surfing, with waves.Is close to Praia da Barra do Jucu, where championships happen Surf City, especially the Body boarding, with many practitioners of the sport.It is a very busy beach, it has a lot of kiosks that are crowded throughout the day: the morning is the beach bathers and night and frequent the restaurants, bars and other attractions such as bowling and parties.All bright and sidewalk.Very busy throughout the day people are walking, running, gym, beach soccer, foot volleyball, volleyball, racquetball or take the kids to play.During holiday periods and vacations, the beach has a contingent of lifeguards, as it has strong waves.The kiosks and restaurants have a menu quite varied, ranging from the Italian cuisine, the result of the historic Italian immigration to Brazil in the early nineteenth century, to the local cuisine of Indian origin, with a variety of seafood.They offer the popular pies, as well as the state dish, the stew Capixaba.In the New Year all the beaches of Vila Velha, hum, but no doubt of the Itaparica beach along with the Itapua Beach and Praia da Costa, are the busiest and where the main events, presenting bands, concert pyrotechnics and countdown to new year.

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