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By Air

Viborg Airfield ( ICAO: EKVB) is an aerodrome located 4 km from Viborg center.The airfield was established in 1964 and officially opened on 9 May 1965.Viborg municipality bought the land and handed it to Viborg Flying Club, with the condition that the club should perform an airfield within five years.However, should only last a year or so for the Taliban was ready for dedication.The entire construction work was done with help from the Royal Engineer Regiment in Randers.The soldiers used the project as an exercise.

By Train

Viborg Train Station is a Danish railway station is located in Viborg.The station lies on the line Langa-Struer.Viborg's first railway station was situated at Sonderso of the current psychiatric hospital.It was inaugurated on 20 July 1863, but already on 18 May 1863 was the tracks to Langa finished and the first steam locomotive arrived in Viborg.The railway line Viborg Alestrup came into use 14th september 1893 and a month later Hobro-Logstor course.Station on Lake served for 33 years until it was replaced by a new railway station in Railway Street, which became operational on 1 December 1896.

Key places to visit
Viborg Cathedral, Sondermark Church, Skovgaard Museum, Viborg Islands, St. Mathias Centre, Viborg Stadion


Places to Visit

Viborg Cathedral

Viborg Cathedral, Our Lady Cathedral is the site of one of Denmark's most important historic churches located in the town of Viborg in northern Jutland.The modern building is a 19th century construction based on Lund Cathedral in southern Sweden which bears no resemblance to the medieval cathedral that stood on the site since 1130.Before Viking times, the town of Viborg was one of the four major centers for religion and politics in ancient Denmark.As early as 800 there was a Viking settlement at Viborg which lies in north central Jutland with connections to the Lim Fjord, an important water "highway" through Jutland until modern times.

Sondermark Church

Sondermark Church in Viborg was built in 1981 as a parish church for Sondermark Parish which had been separated from Viborg South Parish.Church architect Svend Frandsen from Viborg.The church is very modern.The church is a circular building with a copper-clad dome.In connection with the church's 2001 built meeting rooms, etc., and a freestanding tower.Altar decoration consists of a large cross-shaped sun in stainless steel.The church is suspended 12 votive ships, all rallies against the sun.This decoration is made by the sculptor Yan.font consists of a very large real seashell called St. Lbs must.Sondermark Church designated to roadside which means that it is open in the daytime and other road users.

Skovgaard Museum

The Skovgaard Museum in Viborg, Denmark, situated in the former town hall from 1728 next to Viborg Cathedral, holds a collection of works by four generations of the Skovgaard family of artists.The main feature of the permanent collection is the work of the Skovgaard family.Peter Christian Skovgaard (1817-1875) was the principal representative of national romantic landscapes of the Golden Age of Danish painting.His sons, Joakim Skovgaard (1856-1933), who created the mural decorations in Viborg Cathedral, and Niels Skovgaard (1858-1938) also worked with landscape painting.However, their work is characterized rather by Symbolism and burgeoning Modernism.The collection holds exquisite examples of landscape painting as well as religious and mythological subjects.The circle of artists surrounding the Skovgaard family is also represented in the museum's collections, with works by, among others, the renowned Danish artists Niels Larsen Stevns, Viggo Petersen and Thorvald Bindesboll.

Viborg Islands

is a common name for the lakes in Viborg city, consisting of Norreso with an area of approx.124 ha and Sonderso with an area of approx.151 ha.Norreso has an area of 124 ha.It is 2.3 km.wide and approx.700 m wide at its widest point.The maximum depth is 12.2 m and is located in the northeast corner.Lakeshore is built virtually all around.Sonderso has an area of 151 ha.It is 2.2 km.long and has a maximum width of 900 m, the maximum depth - approximately the middle of the lake - is 7 m A network of paths along the lakeshore makes it possible to go all the way around Sonderso.Viborg Islands have been and partly still is plagued by heavy pollution.Especially Sonderso has been contaminated by the city's wastewater as far up in the 1900s was led untreated into the lake.Lake is still covered by a thick layer of phosphorus-containing sludge.Norreso is less polluted.It has in recent years been "artificial respiration", because in the summer fed oxygen into the lake.

St. Mathias Centre

is a shopping center in Viborg city center, owned by property company DADES.The center was inaugurated 19th October 1977.In the period from January 2001 to May 2002 the center was rebuilt and expanded to 14,558 hectares, which is currently distributed in 32 stores in two floors (31 specialty shops and supermarket Frost SuperBest).In connection with the extension was changed its name from St. Mathias Markets to the present.There are wide entrances to the center of St. Mathias Street and Fischer's Square, while there is a small entrance via a staircase from the dump.

Viborg Stadion

is a football stadium in Viborg used by the football club Viborg FF.It was inaugurated in 1931 and has played host to a B soccer match in 1956 against Sweden, which was watched by 18,000 spectators, which was then the spectator record throughout Scandinavia.In 2001, the old stadium was demolished to make way for a new Viborg Stadium with 9,566 covered seats and heat in the track.Extension provided around the stadium were all completed in 2007 and there were added 500 standing (equally divided between home and away team's fans).In spring 2008, two giant screens erected.In October 2011 changed Viborg Stadium Energi Viborg Arena, after the Viborg FF had sold the name to the utility Energi Viborg.The agreement was in force until the end of 2014.

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May - September