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The bus public transport network provides good connections between the main parts of the city as well as to the Billund Airport and the entire Vejle region. Wherever you want to go, a bus stop or a train station is always nearby to serve you. Distances between main sites are quite short and easy to reach.

Key places to visit
Runic stones, Vejle Fjord Bridge, Vejle Town Hall, Windmill, Givskud Lion Park


Places to Visit

Runic stones

The two runic stones at Jelling (12 km/7 mi northwest of Vejle) with drawings and inscriptions, have provided considerable historical information. The smaller, which Gorm set up for his wife, bears the inscription, "Gorm the King set up this monument to Thyra his Queen, the pride of Denmark". Harald Bluetooth (940-85), the son of Gorm, embraced Christianity; he had the mound on the south erected over a pagan cult site and set up the larger runic stone. On the latter is written, "This stone was erected to the memory of Gorm, his father, and Thyra, his mother, by Harald Bluetooth, that Harald who won for himself Denmark and all Norway and who made the Danes Christian". Harald transferred his seat from Jelling to Zealand, probably to Roskilde.

Vejle Fjord Bridge

Vejle Fjord Bridge (Danish: Vejlefjordbroen) is a cantilever bridge that spans Vejle Fjord between Mølholm and Norremarken near the town of Vejle in Denmark. The bridge is 1712 metres long, the longest span is 110 metres, and the maximum clearance to the sea is 40 metres. The bridge has 15 spans.

Vejle Fjord Bridge was built to lead traffic past the town of Vejle, where traffic congestion had become a problem in the 1970s. The building started in 1975, and the bridge was opened on July 1, 1980. It cost 350 million kroner. The bridge now has more traffic than any other highway bridge in Denmark.

Vejle Town Hall

 Town Hall Square (Rådhustorvet) forms the center of Vejle. The Town Hall was built in 1878 on the site of a medieval Dominican monastery. The old monastery bell survives and marks the passing of the hours. In front of the Town Hall stands a statue called "Trade, Industry and Agriculture".


The emblem of Vejle is a windmill, the Vejle Mølle, built in 1847 and later rebuilt following a fire. It is open to visitors in summer and an exhibition documents its history. In front of the mill stand the town's two oldest street lights.

Givskud Lion Park

The zoo is the home of a large number of animals from all over the world. Visitors can explore the zoo through open environments by safari bus or private car. Givskud also has an enormous adventure playground where children can relax or mingle with barn animals.

Others may usually compare the attractions in Vejle to other European destinations like Odense Sights. This is one guarantee though: all these sights are spectacular and breathtaking especially for vacationers.

Right Time to Visit

January - September