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Veszprem Megye
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By air

The nearest airport is BUD - Budapest Ferihegy(link, external), located 88.8 km east of Varpalota. Other airports nearby include BTS - Bratislava M R Stefanik(link, external) 128.1 km north west, VIE - Vienna Schwechat(link, external) 155.0 km north west, PZY - Piestany(link, external) 160.1 km north, SLD - Sliac(link, external) 176.5 km north east,

By bus

Varpalota basically operates seven local bus lines, which are mutations of a total of 10 lines. The services will initially be the basic task was to Varpalota center linking the city's other two sections, and Inotaval Petfurdovel. Today, however, the Petfurdoi vegallomasu local port and remote port line is divided into sections, since Petfurdo detachment


Key places to visit
Varpalotai Castle, Roman Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, Reformed Church, Zichy Palace, Gyula Nagy Gallery


Places to Visit

Varpalotai Castle

The Lake Balaton and Lake Velence, halfway between the Bakony mountains the medieval marshland your region - located in Varpalota city, the main square of the many bloody siege survivors Varpalota castle or fortress called Castle Thury Castle.The Szekesfehervar Veszprem an important route, not far from the Bakony forest of a summit in the 13th century small castle built by the next century diplomas at Brave Stone referred to as the. The little castle of the terrain factors make it really was expanded so that the holders of the area, the Ujlaki family in the 14th century in the second half Batorkonel spacious, comfortable apartment buildings were erected for themselves. The U-shaped array in the northeast corner of the first in the form of a tower is strengthened, and the courtyard wall is closed. 1397 in the name of the charter for the first time we meet with "Palace" is referred to as. The name accurately disclose the truth, because kurianal greater varkastelynal, you expect less, or less been a fortified building. Ujlaki Nicholas tower in 1445 in front of a strengthened and even kapuvedmu separate and distinct in the northwest corner of a round tower was built

Roman Catholic Church

The city center, opposite the castle Thurn. 1774 - 1,777 built between John Varschafter Szekesfehervar builder Baroque style . Field is divided into four boat shop, a half pentagonal sanctuary. Bell in 1743 as the year falls on, or which were second hand, or the eighteenth. century castle chapel belonged. Caption: Joseph Berger Goss mich in Raab, the 1743rd Holiness Holder 75 kg solid silver , but more recent. The church doors decorated with reliefs.

Lutheran Church

The Thurn George Square, located behind the castle. 1777/80-ban tower was built without a church already had a place there. The tower in 1805 in the Faculty of reproduction in 1810 was, altar in 1799 was completed. The main entrance is a marble tablet above the red in 1807 out: "Go into the gates of thanksgiving song " (the 100th Psalm ). Read more construction date ( 1779 ) and the construction of the tower at (1805 )

Reformed Church

Late Baroque style of the old church was built in the walls of Huszarvar Jokai Street. One boat, three-stage the church. Was built in 1788 according to the sign above the main entrance. In 1886 the church baptized in the name of Mary misszionariusnot Molnar, who was murdered by the Japanese in Southeast Asia Pitilu island, Indonesia, in 1943.

Zichy Palace

In the castle, west of the Roman Catholic church over the Castle Hill is. 1724 , in a landlord's Palace, Count Zichy II. Imre Orava county sheriff's wife, Countess Therese Erdody epítteteset started. The ruler of the city chose the castle venue. 1860 the castle was burned down, but fortunately it was an art patron lord, John Waldstein - Szechenyi friend - owned it, who in 1865 Ybl Nicholas plans to rebuilt. Artistic works and a library enriched. The huge circular library room walls and ceiling frescoes díszittette. Unfortunately, the books and oldalfreskok the war and the subsequent period have been destroyed, but the ceiling fresco, which Pallik Bela works, fortunately preserved, and some repairs are still visible. Today, the country's only building in the Trianon Museum of hosts

Gyula Nagy Gallery

Named after the artist about town, Gyula Nagy was originally the building zsinagogakent used. 1834 in the local Jewish Communities began construction of determination, which in 1840 was completed. The building is a strong resemblance to the obuda old synagogue, Hungary and beyond their classic style synagogue was not built.
1986 from the city is home to a collection of fine art and temporary exhibitions. Also housed in Frederick Matzen sculptor of the city left a small collection of plastic, and Judge Anthony Painter and dr. Belt Rezso collection.

Right Time to Visit

March - July