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Sodra Finlands Lan
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By air

The nearest ariport is Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport.
Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport ( IATA : LAX, ICAO : EGLL) is the Uusimaa and the hub of the entire Finnish biggest airport, the Helsinki-Vantaa is also the leading long-distance field.The airport is located in Vantaa airport district about five miles from Tikkurila north-west and 18 kilometers from Helsinki's city center to the north and has a surface area of 1 700 hectares. Finavia maintained by the airport employs about 20 000 people 1 500 business and community and is the Nordic region 's fourth largest airport in Copenhagen , Oslo and Stockholm airports after. The airport has three runways.

By road

Most of the metropolitan area traffic to pass through the main roads that pass through in Vantaa. These are the Ring III , Vihdintie , Hameenlinnanvayla , Tuusulanv , Lahti and Porvoo bus . Bus service is comprehensive: a variety of lines is more than a hundred, most of which is the City of Vantaa internal lines as well as part of the Helsinki, Espoo and Kerava reaching the metropolitan area regional lines.

Key places to visit
Helsinki parish church village, Vantaa Art Museum, Finnish Aviation Museum, Backas Manor, Heureka Science Centre


Places to Visit

Helsinki parish church village

The village parish of Helsinki is in Vantaa suburb Kerava River cove Tuusulanvayla the east and the Ring Road III in the south. It is centered around the 1400s built the stone church of St. Lawrence , which is surrounded by old residential buildings, a cemetery and a mill. Village is one of the best preserved in Uusimaa . The population is 136, of whom about a third of Swedish-speaking .The area is located in the Swedish primary school Kyrkoby your school and junior high school Helsinge your school and high school Helsinge gymnasium . Red wooden house located in a primary school is Finland's oldest still in use in the school. Next to the church is a museum and Pakari Lounge, a variety of events. Lawrence region during the summer harvest festival is celebrated.

Vantaa Art Museum

Vantaa Art Museum Vantaa Myyrmaki station next to the cultural and multi-purpose center Myyrmaki located Museum of Art , which is focused on the Finnish and international contemporary art .The exhibition also includes activities in Vantaa Art Museum educators and collection activity. Vantaa Art Museum Vantaa City is responsible for maintaining the art collection, treatment, and art supplies. City collection form the basis of Pentti Kaskipuro Collection and Lauri Santtu Collection. Augmented the collection is stored in a large part of the city's agencies and institutions.

Finnish Aviation Museum

The Finnish Aviation Museum is a Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is located in the vicinity of a national aviation museum. The museum has about 80 planes and a host of other aviation-related items such as engines, propellers, instruments, communication tools and models. The museum is maintained by the Finnish Aviation Museum Foundation. The museum is located in the premises of Aviation Museum Association and the DC Association 's offices.

Backas Manor

Backas mansion in Vantaa City Pakkala district located in the manor . 1600s established Backas mansion known especially for its history Elanto of production space in the 20th century.

Heureka Science Centre

Eureka is the Finnish Science Centre in Vantaa Tikkurila . In 1989, started operations in the science center to the scientific data more comprehensible and science teaching methods. The name refers to the Eureka Archimedes thought the message to the phrase "I invented it!" . Is available on both indoor and outdoor exhibitions, where most of the areas visitors will be able to try different things.

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