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Valenii de Munte

Valenii de Munte
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By air

Nearest airports to Valenii de Munte are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre
    Bucuresti Airport (distanced approximately 68 km)
    Bucharest Baneasa Airport (distanced approximately 76 km)
    Imperial Beach NAS Airport (distanced approximately 120 km)
    Rousse Airport (distanced approximately 150 km)
    Silistra Airport (distanced approximately 160 km)

Key places to visit
Church "monastery, Berevoiesti Church, Church of St. John, St. Nicholas Church tobacco, Berceni Church


Places to Visit

Church "monastery

Church "monastery", an architectural monument, dedicated "Assumption" is founded by Razvan Clucerului Hagi and his wife Hagit and Clucereasa Ilinca of Ceptura in 1680 during the reign of Serban Cantacuzino.

Berevoiesti Church

It was and is a subsidiary of the Church "Philip Nica". The patron is Saint Spiridon. Is the second oldest monastery where, in 1726, mentioned the broken cross next to it. Some time ago there were repeated every holiday jobs and began renovation of the church.

Church of St. John

In testimony before the church stood for 400 years over a poplar (Populus nigra), disposed of before 1989. Since a devastating fire in 1999 burned the entire building. Currently works are for a full reconstruction.

St. Nicholas Church tobacco

Church is St. Nicholas Day. Neighborhood church was tanners who settled near the water for leather processing.

Berceni Church

The earthquake of 1940 was heavily damaged and has not been repaired for lack of money or because it was too close to the monastery. Was served by Ion Hârlaceanu, refugee priest.

Church "Philip Nica"

Is dedicated to "Entering the Church of Our Lady" and was consecrated in 1808. Nica founders Philip and Sun were chapters.

Right Time to Visit

May - July