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Lansi-Suomen Laani
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By plane

There are daily regular flights from Vaasa airport to Helsinki (Finnair, Blue1 and Golden Air/Finncomm Airlines), Stockholm, Sweden (Blue1) and 4 times a week to Umea, Sweden

By train

All trains from Helsinki to Oulu and Rovaniemi via Tampere stop at Seinäjoki. From there you can take connection trains, which head to Vaasa. There are also trains that go straight to Vaasa via Seinäjoki. Three of these trains also go from Vaasa to Jyväskylä via Seinäjoki. Check timetables at the state railway company (VR)

By car

Main road 3 (also E12) from Helsinki through Tampere to Vaasa (419 km). The coastal main road 8 (E8) goes from Turku through Rauma and Pori to Vaasa (332 km) and from Vaasa through Kokkola to Oulu (318 km).

By bus

There are west coast bus connections from Oulu to Turku, which go through Vaasa. Busses associate Vaasa also to Tampere, Pori and Kokkola. Check Matkahuolto for timetables and such

By boat

A ferry line called RG Line traffics daily between Vaasa and Holmsund,Sweden.
People arriving with their own motor- or sailboat can make use of Wasa Segelförening (one of Finlands oldest sailing societys on the island of Vaskiluoto. They run the official guest harbour of Vaasa and offer good services for the occasional boat captain. There's a good view over town from the harbour and it's a two kilometer walk into the center.

Key places to visit
Old Vaasa, Soderfjarden, Trinity Church and surroundings, Contemporary architecture, Vaasa City Library


Places to Visit

Old Vaasa

Old Vaasa is situated about 6km south east of the todays town featuring ruins from the first town of Vaasa that burned down in 1852 and a 18th century court building that survived the destruction but was redone into the Church of Korsholm when the town was rebuilt at a new location closer to the sea. The banks of the 14th century Korsholm castle are still visible and can be found west of the Church of Korsholm.


South of Vaasa in the rural area of Sundom is a big cultivated area called Soderfjarden. When seen from the top of Öjberget, a hill right beside the big flat area, you see that the whole area is round. This is because it is an old crater which probably was caused by a meteor millions of years ago.

Trinity Church and surroundings

In the vicinity of the neogothic Trinity Church you will find City Hall, which also houses the Tourist office on the bottom floor. Along Vaasanpuistikko on the south side of the Church is the City Council and close by is Vaasan Lyseon Lukio, which is a Finnish-speaking upper secondary school. West of the church is a another school building with the text Lyceum. This is Vasa Övningsskolas

Contemporary architecture

There are some interesting buildings to see if you are an architecture buff of the modern sort. One interesting area is the Campus of Vaasa university already mentioned above, another is the city's Center City Block, also called Rewell Center, which was designed by architect Viljo Revell and finished in 1963. In the neighbourhood of Huutoniemi (sw: Roparnäs) you'll find Huutoniemi Church, a modernist building finished in 1964 and designed by Aarno Ruusuvuori. Significant industral architecture is well represented in Strömberg Industral Park and the City Library, also mentioned above, is an interesting meld of old and new.

Vaasa City Library

Check out what is happening in your corner of the world in the international papers provided in the City Library on Kirjastonkatu 13. If you can't find a suitable paper then try the internet on one of the computers. It's free. And while you are there, breathe in some of the cultural history involved. The first lending library in Finland was established in Vaasa 2.8.1794. The current city library was built in 1936 and in 2001 a extensive renovation and enlargement of the library was complete taking both old and new elements into account.

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