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Michoacan de Ocampo
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By plane

The airport "Hermanos Lopez Rayon" is a small airport,better get in to Morelia Airport with most flies and taking one bus.  

By car

Uruapan is connected with Morelia by both the motorway 14D,with the city of Zamora and Lazaro Cardenas by motorway 37D.  From Mexico City,first get in to Morelia,and Guadalajara first to Zamora.

Key places to visit
Cupatitzio Canyon National Park, The Tzararacua, Martyrs' Square, The Huatapera, Temple of San Francisco


Places to Visit

Cupatitzio Canyon National Park

Cupatitzio Canyon National Park,this place was born Cupatitzio River ,which forms a number of jets of water throughout the entire park,belongs to the National Parks of Mexico . The exact source of the river Cupatitzio is called "The Devil's knee," a pool of 3 m deepThis park,plus plenty of water,is filled between temperate and tropical vegetation,as it is located in the city of Uruapan ,which is the gateway to Tierra Caliente to 110 km from Morelia the state capital of Michoacan ,west of Mexico City,avocado trees abound.

The Tzararacua

The Tzararacua is in south of Uruapan,downstream,10 km on the road to Apatzingan this extraordinary waterfall is located has been and is a point of admiration of friends and strangers,surrounded by lush vegetation.  Can reach it,enjoying a pleasant walk or horse.

Martyrs' Square

Martyrs' Square is Located in the heart of the city,it is a monument erected in 1893 to honor the martyrs of Uruapan,next to this square is the Plaza Morelos,where a monument dedicated to Jose María Morelos,who before joining the cause of independence,made his work as a priest in the city.

The Huatapera

It is an old hospital and one of the first of america founded by Fray Juan de San Miguel,was a place where the Indians were cured of their disease,were educated and instructed about religion.  The materials of which is built are wood,shingle,lava stone and quarry.  Its architectural style is Mudejar Plateresque.

Temple of San Francisco

Temple of San Francisco and House of Culture is origins back to the founding of the city,have a Plateresque and recently restored.

Right Time to Visit

February - March
November - December