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Udon Thani

Udara Dhani
Udon Thani
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By plane

Udon Thani International Airport (UTH), newly refurbished in 2006, has numerous daily flights to Bangkok or. Flights to Chiang Mai and Phuket come and go. The sole international flight is operated by Lao Airlines to Luang Prabang.
To get to town there is a limousine service for 80 baht/person that will drop you and other passengers to the hotel/apartments/other place of your choice. If there are more than 2 of you, it may be cheaper to call a taxi (phone 042-323-239). Minibus tickets are available in the booth just to the right before you leave the terminal building. Taxis are not permitted to wait for passengers at the airport. Some of the hotels have pick up service and may take an extra rider or 2 as space permits.

By bus

Buses from Bangkok (Morchit), an 8-hour ride, arrive at the BKS station in the city.
Buses depart at least once per hour after 11AM to Nong Khai (20 baht, 1 hour, non-airconditioned 3rd class) on the Lao border. Buses from Nong Khai may drop you off north of the city. Follow the locals and hop on the waiting no6 songthaew for the ride to the bus station, or take a tuk-tuk.

By train

Daily trains connect to Bangkok and Nong Khai, the overnight express sleeper to Bangkok is scheduled for 9.25 hours but usually takes longer.

Key places to visit
Nong Prajack Park, Phu Foi Lom Eco-Park, Udon Sunshine Orchid Farm, Phu Phrabat National Park, Ban Nakha, Nong Bua


Places to Visit

Nong Prajack Park

A large recreational area within the city and the primary site for locals to exercise and chill out. Consisting of a large lake/reservoir with several small islands, it features pleasant grass areas and activities such as nightly aerobics (to Thai pop music) and feeding bread crumbs to the fish. For the more active, it's also popular for jogging around the outside of the lake.

Phu Foi Lom Eco-Park

Phu Foi Lom Eco-Park, 40 km south-west of Udon, located high on a ridgeline. Numerous trails and rainy season water falls are within the park. South of Udon is a large wetlands area/lake called Khumpawapi. In the October time frame traditional dragon boat races are held on the lake. Within Khumpahawapi is a city park with a large troupe of monkeys that have been living there for over a hundred years.

Udon Sunshine Orchid Farm

Udon Sunshine Orchid Farm. Famous for a variety of orchids, orchid derived perfumes, and plants that "dance to music".

Phu Phrabat National Park

Phu Phrabat National Park, 60 km north-west of Udon near the Amphoe of Ban Phue. A marvelous ridgeline with numerous sandstone edifices several thousand years old. Bronze age cave paintings are also within the park.

Ban Nakha

Ban Nakha, 15 km north of Udon along Route 2. A village famous for selling home woven silk and cotton garments. It is somewhat commercialized but a walk back from the highway into the village can net some great bargains on silks and cottons.

Nong Bua

Nong Bua. Another park with a lake just to the east of the railway line. It is noted for its Chinese pagodas over the lake and the dragon pole.

Right Time to Visit

May - February