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By Air

Uberlandia Airport (IATA: UDI, ICAO: SBUL) is the airport serving Uberlandia, Brazil.Since 2001 the airport is named after the Uberlandia-born pilot of the Brazilian Air Force Cesar Bombonato (1955-1998), who died on an air crash.It is operated by Infraero.The first flight to the site of the airport was operated on May 10, 1935 but the area was officially designated only on July 21, 1953.In 1980 the administration of the airport was taken over by Infraero and on June 8, 2001 the name was officially changed to include a tribute to the aviator Cesar Bombonato.In 2005 the airport terminal was extensively renewed and enlarged and in 2007 the runway was extended.

By Train

The city also had two railway stations: Station Uberabinha (in urban areas) and Sobradinho (in rural areas) and the latter was declared a Historical Heritage Municipal Decree No. 10228 of March 31 of 2006.Both belonged to the Company Mogiana Railway.Were greatly responsible for the growth of the municipality in regional and national market but after the lowering of the coffee in the area of the triangle increasing mining and road transport, rail passenger collapsed forcing companies to lower their lines and improve their services.

By Bus

The city also has thirteen runners or bus stations located in the main points of the avenue Joao Naves de Avila, connecting two terminals on a path six miles (this street there are also express buses do not stop at stations) that bind: Central Terminal Terminal Santa Luzia, the express line and the line E131 T131 parador.Currently the city has received three new transport companies, San Miguel, Smile of Mines and Auto Trans with new buses.

By Road

The city has easy access to BR-050 to Uberaba and Sao Paulo to the south (being duplicated to Sao Paulo) and Araguari, Catalan and Brasilia to the north; BR-267 to Puerto Murtinho, BR-365 to Ituiutaba, Sponsorship, Patos de Minas and Montes Claros, BR-452 to Rio Verde, Itumbiara, Araxa and Belo Horizonte and BR-497 to Silver, Camp Verde and Iturama.It also has access to state highways and even national importance through highways and local roads paved lane.

Key places to visit
Municipal Museum of Uberlandia, Sabia Park, Victorio Siquierolli Park, Governor Pacheco Avenue, Uberlandia Church


Places to Visit

Municipal Museum of Uberlandia

The Municipal Museum is located in the center of the city of Uberlandia, MG, The same was the seat of the municipality and also housed the town hall.Fully renovated, is now the scene of important work.He is currently being shown a design permanently - Our Roots - an exhibition of the history of Uberlandia.Works through exhibitions fictional, explaining, through the collection, contexts of time in connection therewith, whereupon each piece flows all the representativeness, suggesting actions, functions and ways of life.His way of working gives the visitor old, memories of their experiences, while the young, the recognition of grants as in the past and to provide teachers of elementary school, a trip with his students at the time of the history they carry.

Sabia Park

is a park / zoo in the city of Uberlandia, Minas Gerais.The park is administered by municipal and FUTEL (Uberlandense Foundation for Tourism, Sport and Leisure), which is a foundation of the city.Thrush The Complex Park has an area of 1,850,000 m2.Forest covers a 350,000 square meters of green area.It is the most important and largest park of the Triangulo Mineiro.It is one of the most important leisure in the city.Monday through Friday, spend a little more than 10 000 people, and on the weekends, spend a little more than 20 000 people.

Victorio Siquierolli Park

The Municipal Park is located in the Victorio Siquierolli Northern District of Uberlandia, where there are legitimate examples of the vegetation of the savannah, with its trees of leaves coreaceas, gnarled trunks and catfish, many colorful flowers and wild fruits, an area with toys for children, museum of biodiversity of the Cerrado.A total area of 232,300 meters square, the park is located between the neighborhoods Jardim America, Residential Lawn, NSdas Thanks and Cruise in the North Zone of the city.It is one of the main sights of Uberlandia.The park came from the donation of land, which was formerly known as "Chacara Metal."Its owner was Victorio Siquieroli, of Italian descent.Born in August 1910 in the town of Conquest, was to Uberlandia to 12 years after losing their parents.He lived with his older brother.He started working at 14 years of age to meet their needs.Currently resides in the area where the city's park, there was Victório factory, where he manufactured machetes, sickles, etc.In 1996, his beloved wife Analia Resende Siquieroli Victório encouraged to donate land for the construction of a park, in the preservation. He died aged 93.

Governor Pacheco Avenue

is the main thoroughfare of the city of Uberlandia, Minas Gerais.The promenade starts at the Quarter Custodio Pereira / east and ends at the District Tubalina / southwest.It is very important because it connects the East to the West.Currently, in 2011 and 2012, the route is under renovation, will have 6 meters of sidewalk, bike path, parking and a range for four lanes. For the traffic it is getting slower every day, because it only has 2 lanes, and after the reform, will have four.The Avenue of the various districts cut areas East, Central and South of Uberlandia.

Uberlandia Church

The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary is located in the city in Brazil of Uberlandia, in the neighborhood Fundinho, Central Region of the city.The construction of a chapel gave rise to the current church was completed in 1883, employing the autonomous structure of wood and closing of adobe brick. Between the years 1928 and 1931, the chapel was demolished and led to the construction of the church.It was declared a Municipal Heritage by Law No. 4263 of 9 December of 1985.

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