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Minas Gerais
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By Air

Uberaba is served by Mario de Almeida Franco Airport (IATA: UBA, ICAO: SBUR) It is operated by Infraero.Uberaba-Mario de Almeida Franco Airport was founded on May 23, 1935 and originally called after Alberto Santos-Dumont.On June 13, 1980 the name was changed to Mario de Almeida Franco.The airport is located 6 km from downtown Uberaba.

By Train

Transshipment Station Dr. Otto Bruno Located in the Postal Square.It provides a link between the Central Terminals 1 and 2 since both are at the extremes of Avenida de Oliveira Leopoldino.Terminal 1 - Terminal 2 Subdivision Abbey - Abbey District (northern sector) Terminal 3 - Conj.Cartafina Terminal 4 - Terminal de Mello Vallim District 5 - Cj Big Bend Terminal 6 - Neighborhood St. Benedict Terminal 7 - Bom Retiro Terminal 8 - neighborhood grocery Terminal 9 - District 10 Santa Maria Terminal - Terminal Leblon District 11 - District Olinda Terminal 12 - Subdivision Address of Sun Terminal 13 - Bairro Boa Vista Terminal 14 - Fabricio Terminal District 15 - United States District.Central Terminal 1 - Av de Oliveira Leopoldino No. 1016 - Pq region of Lookout.This terminal in addition to receiving the urban lines, you also receive all party lines inter-Central Terminal 2 - Region Uberabao Stadium - Leopoldino the confluence with the Av de Oliveira Aluisio de Mello.This terminal in addition to receiving urban lines, receives all rural lines.

By Bus

Currently the fleet of buses in the city daily and more than 170 cars to meet demand.The City has 15 terminals integrate district (or districts in the city), Terminals 2 and 1 Central Station Overflow.It also has the Easy Pass system that gives right to 1h30m to perform integration between the lines (of different colors) without having to use multiple terminals in the city.Example who embarks on the yellow line is entitled to 1h30m integration using the green line, blue, red.This integration-Easy Pass is valid only for those with electronic boarding card.For those who paid the passage money must use the terminal to be eligible for integration.

Key places to visit
Forest Ecological Park of Ipe, Rosewood Park, Uberaba Museum of Sacred Art, Dinosaur Museum of Uberaba, Manhattan Shopping Center, Expozebu, Axe Uberaba, Acacia Park


Places to Visit

Forest Ecological Park of Ipe

is a thickly wooded park located in the district Abbey in Uberaba, MG.It was created in 1976 and since that time part of community projects, raising awareness and involving students in leisure and site visitors.The park has great diversity in recreation.It offers the opportunity to do a different walk on trails through the forest stone Tapiocanga highly rich in biodiversity and there is a rest area, with several banks on the lakes.The park has a large natural lake, fed by several mines of water that cut through the park and other ponds in which they live and they depend on the local fauna.On these lakes there are several bridges made of wood and around there are several small trees that help in the water cycle and generate microclimate.

Rosewood Park

is a park created in 1966 in the city of Uberaba.With approximately 33.000m2 area, the park houses the zoo of Uberaba.The park was created on 06/02/1966 and woods, passing subsequently catagoria zoo after adjustments and accreditation by IBAMA (the first one was the interior of Brazil to be registered with the authorization of IBAMA) in November 1991 as a category "A".The park contains several recreational areas such as trails, spaces with tables and chairs for meals, park with several toys made of wood such as scales, slides, etc. and overlooking an artificial lake.The park has an infrastructure that meets the needs of your visitors, such as bathrooms and drinking fountains that are scattered everywhere.The park is an important tourist and environmental acquis to Uberaba with an extensive conservation area endowed with a great diversity of plant species of varying sizes for trees and woody, it contributes directly to the water cycle, generating microclimate, representing an important haven for birds and serving as an "island" for migratory birds.

Uberaba Museum of Sacred Art

The Sacred Art Museum is a museum of Brazil located in Uberaba, Minas Gerais.Works in Santa Rita Church, built in 1854 and listed as a National Artistic and Historical Heritage in 1939.The collection, consisting mostly of parts baroque was built by donations from the curia metropolitan and tells the story of the Catholic Church in the region through the liturgical robes and vestments sacred banners for processions, pictures, furniture etc.

Dinosaur Museum of Uberaba

is one of the most important of Brazil, with fossils dating from 65 million to 80 million years old. Located in Peiropolis, the museum is best known for regional population and visitors from other states.In the early twentieth century, the region of Peiropolis distinguished himself as a major producer of limestone.Peiropolis has this name in honor of Frederick Peiro, who in 1911 founded two factories for the extraction of limestone in the region, employing about 150 workers off its production to Sao Paulo by railway.Upon termination of the stretch of track through which flow the production, Peiropolis just got back to prominence with the discovery of fossils in the region.The Brazilian paleontologist Llewellyn Ivor Price released their findings on surveys conducted in the region soon after the discovery and quickly echoed these results in the scientific community of the country.Ivor Price's team discovered several types of fossils in excellent condition in the region, were fossil mollusks, plants and vertebrates dated between 65 to 80 million years.There was a theory that the excellent state of preservation of fossils is due to the fact that animal bones were transported by runoff to the bottom of lakes and ingrained in the calcium carbonate rich water, which helped to protect them action time.There are also theories that say that the climate may have affected the preservation of fossils, the research said that as the climate at the time was semi-arid, if the bones of animals have been outdoors, so they become soft, porous quebradicos.Entre and others.

Manhattan Shopping Center

The Manhattan Center or Shopping Mall Manhattan, was by mid-1999 the main shopping town.It has two floors connected by stairs and a glass elevator and a third floor where he runs his car.Are 9.755m2 of gross lettable area where they work 93 stores with monthly flow of 20 000 consumers.Today the Manhattan Mall starts receiving new stores of various segments due to lack of space in the Shopping Uberaba.


It was founded in 1934 and is one of the main attractions of Uberaba.The Expozebu (greater exposure of zebu cattle in the world) held annually in May attracting people from all over the country and abroad. In addition to attractions such as rodeos, concerts and the exhibition itself, serves as a meeting point of the production chain of meat and milk.It gathers more than 3,000 animals of Zebu - Nelore, polled Nelore, Gyr, Guzerat, Tabapua, Indubrasil and Sindhi are judged and rewarded.It publishes a bimonthly magazine and organizes training courses, conferences and seminars.The president of the farmer is now ABCZ Olaf Borges Jose Mendes.

Axe Uberaba

It takes place in the second half, the Axe Uberaba, one of the largest events of its kind in Brazil with three days of parties usually in October.The Axe Uberaba is a large structure with cabin block area and space for popcorn all the revelers to enjoy the party with three days of safety and comfort.

Acacia Park

is a park of Uberaba located in the Belvedere Park neighborhood created in 2008 around the big pool in the city.The big pool was created to dispose of the waters of the rain that came down to the town center contributing to the floods was created shortly after the park has 14.7 hectares and is very popular in the city.Landscaping done by planting 35,000 acres of grass and planting of 2,150 seedlings of 77 and Acacias which infuence the name of the park.Services signage construction of access ramps, water supply and sewage, street furniture, watchtowers etc.External and internal lighting.Currently the park is lined internally by a walking path and bike path and trails were built skate and bowls along with kiosks equipped with sinks and countertops as well as health, Aras recreation, snack bar, sports courts, pergolas and lane cooper floor touch enabling visually impaired tranquility while walking.

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