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Slovakia (General)
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By Rail

The nearest Station is "Trenton railway"

By Road

Passes through the town highway D1 Bratislava Kosice and delays state roads I/61 and II/507 . Planned construction of expressway R2 to unload depleted state road I/50 , which is surrounded by the city in the southwestern outskirts of Trenton.
In 2011, should begin the construction of bypass southeastern city of Trenton, which includes a second bridge over the river Vah in Trencin
Slovak bus Trenton provides public transportation within the city of Trenton.

Key places to visit
City gate in Trencin, Synagogue in Trencin, Trencin Castle, Column of the Virgin Mary and Holy Trinity


Places to Visit

City gate in Trencin

City gate in Trencin is a Six-floor, initially only two-storey Gothic city gate tower, which was built on square bases probably early 15th century . The transition is a pointed Gothic arch Zaklenbený. After conversion of the Renaissance in the first quarter of the 17th century the building was conducted on the third floor above the octagonal floor plan. After damage during the siege of the castle was KatZianerovho city gate in the years 1543 - 1549 rebuilt, improved and strengthened semicircular barbican with a smaller tower. Entrance to the city gate was over a drawbridge. Turkish threat has necessitated the strengthening of the gate end of the 16th century. The fortification was in 1857 shattered. The dome was built Renaissance hours and 1934 exchanged for power. The Latin inscription on the tower says: "When God does not have the city under his protection, he who protects him, watching in vain." Today, the city gate open to the public.

Synagogue in Trencin

Synagogue in Trencin is one of the most beautiful and interesting works of its kind in Slovakia. Historicist building with ByZantine elements and maurskoorientalnymi is located in the northern corner of the square stúr, the site of the old wooden synagogue from 1781 . It was built in 1913 designed by Berlin architect Dr. Richard Scheibner , a native of Trencin. The project was implemented Trencianska construction company and Fuchs NiegreisZ. Building plans in April and May 1912, are now deposited in the State Regional Archive in Trencin.The authors proposed a central square with the floor plan to bridge the dominant massive dome of the tambour and pendantívoch . Within this area are on three sides, and both the input side, built terraced galleries our EZra. Above each choir, as well as the conclusions, maple strips barrel vault , creating a theme byZantiniZujúcej scheme Greek cross.

Trencin Castle

Trencin Castle is quite extensive renovated castle, towering on a steep limestone cliff directly above the town of Trenton . It is characteristic not only dominates Trencin, but also the entire Middle PovaZie . It is a national cultural monument .Castle rock history dates back to the Roman Empire , as evidenced by the inscription on the castle rock , proclaiming victory II. Roman legion over Germans in the shopping mall from the year 179 AD
Today's castle was probably on the spot fort . The first proven building on the hill was the Great Moravian stvorapsidova rotunda of the 9th century and later stone residential tower, when the castle was used for the protection of Ugrian Kingdom and the western border. At the end of 13th century became the property of the Palatine Matus Cak , a prominent oligarch, who ruled a large territory and became the legendary "Mr. Vah and Tatras." Its construction activity can be traced primarily to extend and modify residential tower block of 11 century, to which ports as well as a residential palace in the fortified.

Column of the Virgin Mary and Holy Trinity

Pillars of the Virgin Mary and Holy Trinity are a type of freestanding columns with Christian themes. Also known as the Plague Column, or the type of dedication to Marian and Trinitarian columns.Their building was extended to the demonstration of faith in Catholic countries, especially in the 17th and 18th century . These columns have thus become one of the most visible features of Baroque architecture. Marian column was built to honor the Virgin Mary , often a sign of gratitude for the completion of the sea or other substantial assistance. The purpose of the pillars of the Trinity was usually a celebration of church and faith, motive, however, the sea can also sometimes play a role.

Right Time to Visit

March - September