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By Air

The city is served by the Almirante Marcos A. Zar Airport, of both civilian and military use.The airport's runway is shared with the Almirante Zar Naval Base, home of the Lockheed P-3 Orion squadron of the Argentine Naval Aviation.This airport is 7km from Trelew and 26km from Rawson (capital city of Chubut).It has a 3,500m2 passenger terminal and 126,000m2 of runways.It has a parking places for 128 cars.It also home of the Argentine Naval Aviation squadron of P-3 Orions.It is operated by London Supply.

By Bus

Numerous bus companies to operate long and short distance from the bus terminal in the city of Trelew, facilitating the arrival and connection to other major cities or tourist attractions.The company's 22 SRL. has 5 lines that cross the city.There are also companies like SRL July 28.Rawson SRL and Bay SRL connecting the city with Rawson, Union Beach and other cities of the valley.

By Road

The main route of access is the National Route 3 and the National Route 25.

Key places to visit
Museum of Paleontology Egidio Feruglio, Punta Tombo wildlife reserve, Lewis Town Regional Museum, Industrial Park, Eisteddfod


Places to Visit

Museum of Paleontology Egidio Feruglio

is a science research and exhibition center in Trelew city, Patagonia Argentina.Its permanent and travelling exhibitions focus on the fossils remains from fauna and flora of Patagonia, as well as the geological changes that affected the region throughout prehistory.The museum is named for Egidio Feruglio.MEF is also one of Argentina's main scientific institutions, with a robust research program in areas such as Vertebrate and Invertebrate Paleontology, Paleobotany and Ichnology.It also has a group focusing on plants in semi-desert environments.MEF's permanent exhibition is a journey into the natural past of Patagonia.It begins about 10,000 years ago, with the first human settlements in the area.In each room, specimens from both terrestrial and marine life forms are shown for each geological period, up to the early Paleozoic.The Mesozoic hall depicting the giant dinosaurs of Patagonia is perhaps the most popular attraction in the museum.The journey goes on at the mini-theatre with a film showing the evolution of the Universe back to the Big Bang itself.The exhibition also offers a view into MEF's largest, state-of-the-art Preparation Laboratory, where fossils are carefully cleaned and separated from its surrounding rock.Visitors can here witness the progress of actual work done on the most recent fossils findings.The traveling exhibition featuring the "Dinosaurs of Patagonia" has visited many cities in Argentina and abroad.A recent European tour included Germany, Spain, Portugal and the Czech Republic.Individual replicates have been provided to museums in different countries.

Punta Tombo wildlife reserve

is a wildlife reserve on the Atlantic coast of the province of Chubut, in the Republic of Argentina and one of the major continental breeding colonies of Magellanic Penguin (Spheniscus Magallanes), located 100 km south of the lower valley Chubut River, where the towns of Rawson and Trelew.In the 1960's began as a nature reserve management and since 1979, the government of Chubut designated "protected natural area" controlling access and establishing a permanent keepers.According to the Ministry of Tourism of Chubut, the number of visitors shows a drastic change from year to year from an annual average of 30,000 tourists in the decade of 1990 to 65,000 in aproximadamene today.Of these, 50% is of foreign origin.The season runs from September to April period when the birds come ashore to nest and care for their young.Punta Tombo is a narrow rocky 3 km long by 600 m wide that juts into the Atlantic Ocean.

Lewis Town Regional Museum

is a museum located in the center of the city of Trelew, Argentina.It consists of seven exhibition halls showing historical aspects of Trelew and the lower Chubut River valley associated with ethnic groups Tehuelches and Mapuches and the Welsh settlement.Also, the emergence of the Central Railway of Chubut, other communities of the city and present plus testimonials from travelers who explored the coasts of Patagonia between 1520 and 1865.It contains an outdoor exhibition and the museum organizes special activities such as temporary exhibitions.This building belongs to the old Trelew station of Central Railway of Chubut.The name of the museum (and city) paid tribute to Lewis Jones, one of the promoters of the Welsh colonization in Chubut.The museum is administered by the ENTRETUR (Ente Tourist Trelew) and the Culture of the Municipality of Trelew.The museum is open Monday through Friday from 8 to 19 hours.And on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 14 to 19 hours.The cost of admission is $ 2.

Industrial Park

it is located northwest of the city, near the National Route 25, its surface is 305 has and sports activities are synthetic textile, wool textile, metarlurgica, construction, transportation, entrepotras activities.In the decades of 70 and 80 reached its peak, this situation reversed in the 90's, but now it regained its momentum with more factories and jobs.


The Eisteddfod is a holiday home Wales, which began to be held in the twelfth century, when Count ap Rhys of Deheubarth Gruffyddd organized this festival and competition of poetry and music, in Cardigan in 1176.Welsh poets gather every year to tell his poems and writings and compete with each other for a place in the table of the prince who organized the event, thus ensuring their welfare.

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