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By plane

Toulon-Hyeres regional airport, 18 km east of Toulon, It is linked to other French airports. A bus runs from the train station to the airport 4 times a day . The last bus leaves for the airport at 7:30 pm. If you arrive on a late night flight into the airport, you must take a taxi
Other airports are Marseille-Provence , and Nice-Côte d'Azur.
There are two roads drive to Toulon from Toulon-Hyères airport. Either you follow the highway or you choose the road that follows the coast . It may take a longer time, but this is nicer and on rush hour you may avoid traffic jam on the highway.
Ryanair offers a direct flight from London Stansted to Toulon.

By train

Hourly links to Marseille (45 min), 9.6 Eur full price one-way ticket. Regular links to Nice (1h30).

By car

The main roads are from east to west (and the opposite). There are highways from Nice (A57) and Marseille (A50). You'll have to pay a toll to go outside the suburbs of the town on these highways.

By Boat

Toulon is a large harbour and offers several international routes including Ajaccio, Bastia and Ile Rousse . It is always best to book early to avoid over booked ferrys.

Key places to visit
Le Mourillon, Museum of the French Navy, Memorial Museum to the Landings in Provence, Museum of Asian Arts, Museum of Natural History of Toulon and the Var, Military port of Toulon


Places to Visit

Le Mourillon

Le Mourillon is a small seaside neighborhood to the east of the French city of Toulon, near the entrance to the Rade or roadstead. It was once a fishing village, and then became the home of many of the officers of the French fleet and to part of the naval dockyard. Mourillon has a small fishing port, next to a 16th-century fort, Fort Saint Louis, which was reconstructed by Vauban. In the 1970s the city of Toulon built a series of sheltered sandy beaches in Mourillon, which today are very popular with the Toulonais and with naval families. The Museum of Asian Art is located in a house on the waterfront near Fort St. Louis.

Museum of the French Navy

The Museum of the French Navy is located on Place Monsenergue, next on the west side of the old port, a short distance from the Hotel de Ville. The Museum was founded in 1814, during the reign of the Emperor Napoleon. It is located today behind what was formerly the monumental gate to the Arsenal of Toulon, built in 1738. The building of the museum, along with the clock tower next to it, is one of the few buildings of the port and arsenal which survived Allied bombardments during World War II. It contains displays tracing the history of Toulon as a port of the French Navy. Highlights include large 18th century ship models used to teach seamanship, models of the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle.

Memorial Museum to the Landings in Provence

The Memorial Museum to the Landings in Provence is located on the summit of Mount Faron, this small museum, opened in 1964 by President Charles De Gaulle, commemorates the Allied landing in Provence in August 1944 with photos, weapons and models.

Museum of Asian Arts

The Museum of Asian Arts , in Mourillon. Located in a house with garden which once belonged to the son and later the grandson of author Jules Verne, the museum contains a small but interesting collection of art objects, many donated by naval officers from the time of the French colonization of Southeast Asia. It includes objects and paintings from India, China, Southeast Asia, Tibet and Japan.

Museum of Natural History of Toulon and the Var

The Museum of Natural History of Toulon and the Var was founded in 1888, has a large collection of displays about dinosaurs, birds, mammals, and minerals, mostly from the region.

Military port of Toulon

The military port of Toulon is the principal base of the French Navy, sited in the city of Toulon. It holds most of France's force d'action navale, comprising the aircraft carriers Charles de Gaulle as well as its nuclear attack submarines, in total more than 60% of the tonnage of the French Navy.

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